Dia II, RDM Merit Points!

Dia II for Maiev, FFXI Fenrir

Maiev’s Tier II Merit Point Setup!

New Merit Points setup!

Some people ask why I did my specific upgrades in merit, here’s my explanation.

First read the discusson on theorderls.com about red mage merits
I’ve also previously tested Stoneskin and Phalanx Potency on this thread.

Bio2 @ 220skill does 7dmg/tick
Bio2 @ 276 skill does 8dmg/tick
Bio3 @ 220 skill does 8dmg/tick

Red mage sucks in drk magic, and obviously its not worth it, if blm can land it AND do it better, so not worth the merit points.

Dia3, 45mp for 1st upgrade, last 30sec, each upgrade extend it for 30sec

Lets say you are totally doing this for exp mobs, exp mobs NEVER last more than 40sec, so 30sec would definately be good, lets say you kill 12 mobs every 10 minute, and you dia3 all mobs. that is 540mp “just to dia3”. Since each upgrade is time extension and not lowers mp cost, so if you cast it “frequently”, the extra merit doesn’t help.

NOW, say you must “keep dia3″ on the mob, for 10 minutes (HNM, solo etc), if it last 30sec, you are looking at (45mp x (600sec/30) = 900mp JUST to keep dia3 on. Whereas with 1 upgrade of merit, you significantly lower MP cost to (45mp x (600sec/60) = 450mp. Which leaves you LOTS more mp to DO other stuff.

3rd upgarde, will be 45mp x (600/90) = 300mp to keep it on for 10 minutes. But the MP savings is too little to be worth 5 merit points, so I’d say leaving it at 2 upgrades would be just fine.

Para 2: 39mp, each upgrades makes it easier to land ‘~” and increase its potency.

Hard to debate, Paralyze can null JA’s of enemy. But that’s all that got to offer. Paralyze 1, is nearly as effective with loaded MND gear. So I’d say 1 upgrade, but again, paralyze is a very luck-based magic.

Slow 2: 45mp, each upgardes makes it easier to land, and makes it even SLOWER.

Slow1: Caps 30% slowness
Slow2 (1): 34% slow
Slow2 (2): 37% slow
Slow2 (3): 39% slow <-- estimate, can be slower. Elegy: Constant 48% Slow. We all know Elegy is very slow, but if you fully upgrade a Slow2, added with Elegy, you are nearly slowing the enemy 90%, with a 2.4sec delay / attack from most mobs, you are slowing enemy's attack by (2.4 x 48%+39%) = 4.48sec, thats nearly enough time for a ninja to Utsusemi: Ichi up! So I was thinking, this benefits both in HNM, and exp parties, so I decided to fully upgrade Slow2 :) even without elegy, I would pull nearly a 4sec slow, making it still possible to blink up Utsusemi: Ichi. Blind: I don't konw MP cost, 9% evasion naturally, 11% with blind1, 12% evasion with blind2 1 upgrade. To me it isn't worth it, wasting merit points for 1 more % of evasion is pure.. bs.. AND... evasion = no parry skillup T.T Phalanx is a different one. Its like Warp 2, you are now able to cast on party members (lolPLD). But here's the deal, with 1 upgrade you start with a 16 damage potency. Each upgrade makes it last longer, and increase damage reflection by 3. A fully upgrade is only 22 damage reduction. My phalanx with enhancing gear, is 23 potency. So if you really need it for HNM OR love Partying with Paladin, this would be a worthwhile upgrade. So personally, I think Slow 2 is more a constant debuff, the moment you cast on it, its effectiveness is guaranteed. Paralyze "needs to kick in", and Blind is.. an LOL debuff. But keep in mind, each upgrade is offset by "not able to merit other stuff". They are all good up to a certain extent. If you wanna be avesta, Bio3 still good, or if you like to be tank PT rdm '~", Phalanx 3 upgrades still good, but all goes down to your own playing style :)

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