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Maiev’s 1st Fanart – by Farkee

LOL I think to Farkee, this is ALL THAT I DO >.>

Nashira Manteel O.o!

Was bored in the afternoon so got myself some new clothes, but Hesasa was waering it too so had to SS, Yea, no one else see’s this, except me. Eyecandy purposes :)

Farkee’s Birthday Presents!

Back in February, I made my um.. first -1 crown. Farkee saw it and he was like T.T. At that time… I sort of needed the gil because someone selling server’s 1st Curse Slacks -1! so :(. I know he wanted one so bad soooo… I told him if you bring materials I’ll craft em. […]

Rora’s Wifetalu?

With Dalmatica, I first changed it to blue! (Its so pretti)! Basically all my dat-editing interest begins here! But anyway, whoz prettier! Tell me its Maiev!! >.> I know Wide-hair’s just as equal as me though :<