Farkee’s Birthday Presents!

Back in February, I made my um.. first -1 crown. Farkee saw it and he was like T.T. At that time… I sort of needed the gil because someone selling server’s 1st Curse Slacks -1! so :(. I know he wanted one so bad soooo… I told him if you bring materials I’ll craft em. Anyway…

Knowing he got robbed, he will not be buying it, even if its for half price. He told me he got the abjurations, jus waiting for the -1 Crown ‘~”

I’ve decided to do that for his Bday, started 3 weeks ahead and I wasn’t able to HQ until…. his bday. xD.

Cursed Crown -1, Goldsmithing FFXI Maiev Fenrir

Happy Birthday Farkee teh DrawTalu xD!

Cursed Crown -1 to Farkee's Birthday Boy

And wow at my 142 million in my wallet :D

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