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Maat Masher – the story

I knew I had to fight Maat today, so all morning I made Tazo gather all the necessary equipment and items! I made the macros, and I wrote out a script to follow – and I practiced in my head what to do. Being already nervous and shaking just trading my testimony to Maat, I […]

Maat Masher – gear

Basic Stats: level 70, sword 188, evasion 181 Clothes & Equipment: scorpion harness +1 anemet mantle +1 opo-opo necklace & peacock charm carapace helm caracpace gloves life belt choral cannions choral slippers melody earrings +1 x 2 sniper’s ringg +1 x 2 wing sword +1 ebony harp Food Brought (used): 12 Selbina Milk (3), 1 […]

What to do when there’s maintenance?

Maintenance on Final Fantasy FFXI (FF) now means site overhaul and reflection time. Enjoy! It’s been a little over one and a half months of knowing my character Tazo, and I’ve noticed that FF has really taken over my real life (RL). If I said I haven’t sacrificed real life friends, relationships, work, family, and […]

Ciermel’s Moghouse!

view facing from the door view facing the door shots on the four corners of the moghouse

Goldfishing and my pressie!

Sunbreeze festival started 25th of July. You can tell by the decor, summerfest music, fireworks and of curs, the rakapopo dancers. I hastily went straight to Rabao by doing the goldfishing event. As usual, Mei was is so enthusiastic about it. After a while, my buddy talus, Inore and Kaire joined me. Took me about […]