Maat Masher – the story

I knew I had to fight Maat today, so all morning I made Tazo gather all the necessary equipment and items! I made the macros, and I wrote out a script to follow – and I practiced in my head what to do. Being already nervous and shaking just trading my testimony to Maat, I listened to some loud dance music on my iPod to calm my nerves.

I went to the edge of the burning circle to ‘see’ what Maat was buffing, and started to use my sleeping potions. After that I ate the icarus wing and had about 250 tp. I totally forgot to eat my Taco :'(. However I did remember to use ~Soul Voice~ and double paeon myself. I was ‘supposed’ to drink a milk, but forgot, and pulled Maat with elegy. I forgot to have him engaged already so I took a hit from him before I could do Spirits Within! I panicked and didn’t refill my HP and did SW anyways. Then I just kind of sat and watched Maat beat the crap out of Tazo with Asuran Fists and kept drinking potions. Whenever I had TP I’d do Fast Blade, and on occasion I would cast magic finale. I some how cast requiem on him before SV ran out. Somewhere around 250 HP I ran OUT of potions, and thought the fight was over for sure. I guess the latent effect which I never really understood of the carapace items kicked in! I also noticed I had close to 200 TP I neglected to use, so I did another Fast Blade on Maat, and his name turned YELLOW. I thought I’d died.

Then I see a cut scene and congratulations you’ve beaten the record! 8 minutes 8 seconds. How Chinese can you get with those numbers? ^_^

My heart returned to a normal pace after about an hour!

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