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Nothing much been going on lately…leveling a little bit of nin…though doing it slowly…at 41 now…lol, hmmm i helped Dili get his SMN job, it was fun taking him to the beaudicine glacier place ^_^ yea…ohhh i did my first ninja AF it was very easy…toghether with him and tankthenoble…preety good stuff…got 2 katana’s though […]

Rapid Shot: Thought #1.

Rapid Shot: Occasionally quickens Ranged attack. The time being cut is based on the Ranged attack time, i.e aiming time will always be fixed and cannot be reduced. This ability is similar to Conserve MP of Black Mage, i.e it is always active, and randomly cut the Ranged attack time by a percentage, which should […]

Dynamis Lord! Now with Grips!

Last night was FryPan’s 200th Dynamis run! We did Dynamis-Xarcabard and was a Dynmais Lord Run. After the update it’s time to see how much I could do on him now, so I bought a Red Curry for 56k !!! Ripped off, but oh well here are some screen shots! We SAM can do so […]

Eternal Mercenary

Finally finished my Treasures of Aht Urhgan Missions! And of course I chose this Ring .. and came with this

Just too Good to be TRUE!

Few things that were changed for us, Yukikaze/Gekko/Kasha, stats to 2hand users, and grips! Yukikaze/Gekko/Kasha After some worrying.. Grips were the least I was excited about. The new Yukikaze/Gekko/Kasha is just insanely strong! I went out for merit party and was doing an average of 1350 weaponskill average for 2 merits worth of Greater Colibri!!! […]