Just too Good to be TRUE!

Few things that were changed for us, Yukikaze/Gekko/Kasha, stats to 2hand users, and grips!


After some worrying.. Grips were the least I was excited about. The new Yukikaze/Gekko/Kasha is just insanely strong! I went out for merit party and was doing an average of 1350 weaponskill average for 2 merits worth of Greater Colibri!!! I used to average at 900 this is a 400 damage jump!!!

I hit over 2k Yukikaze w/o Dia or BRD !!!

Sohjai's Taru Relic Samurai on FFXI DuckHUNT of Fenrir, Grips for Samurai

Then in sky when we did some Kirin …

Sohjai's Taru Relic Samurai on FFXI DuckHUNT of Fenrir, Grips for Samurai
Sohjai's Taru Relic Samurai on FFXI DuckHUNT of Fenrir, Grips for Samurai

Not sure what has changed in the mechanics of the weapon skill yet but it was very good, I LIKE!

Changes to 2 handed Weapons

Now when you use a 2 handed weapon, 1 STR gives 1 attack, 1 DEX gives 1 accuracy !!! In the past 2 handed weapons and single hand were 2 STR gives 1 attack, 2 DEX gives 1 accuracy, so we got a our STR/2 boost in attack and DEX/2 boost in accuracy. Rajas Ring for us is 5 Attack, 5 Accuracy @.@ Haubergeon +1 gives 18 Attack / 18 Accuracy …

Knowing this I went out to buy a Chivalrous Chain instead of Peacock charm for more attack since we don’t need so much accuracy. I used to get an average of about 86-87% Accuracy with my TP setup in that Merit Party without bard; I went with 5 less accuracy and I’m parsing 95%+ without bard! This really opens up our equip list to new things like Byrnie +1!


Katana, Staff and Axe Grip are bought from ISP for 20,000 points; I got my Axe grip from AH for 97k which is not bad considering the amount of points involved.

Pole, Sword and Claymore Strap are from Operation Dessert Swarm or Double Dragonian KS30s !

Platinum, Mythril, Raptor and a few more are crafted.

I obtained a Platinum Grip +1 from Sibe and have an Axe grip, I will probably be looking forward to getting the Pole Strap.

Sohjai's Taru Relic Samurai on FFXI DuckHUNT of Fenrir, Platinum Grips for Samurai, Sibe
Sohjai's Taru Relic Samurai on FFXI DuckHUNT of Fenrir, Axe Grips for Samurai

These Grips will not make you or break you, they are just a little enhancement to our jobs, I’m liking them, but I hope the pole strap is not too hard to get. =/

Conclusion !

Just like the title says.. Too good to be true! I’m sure SE will come back and fix this and gimp it! Right now its just too broken, SAM is too strong ATM. @.@

5 Responses to “Just too Good to be TRUE!”

  1. Bubian says:

    You are already broken lol…. how am I supposed to keep up now!? I doub’t they changed archery skills to the same thing as they did to 2 handed weapons which is lame cuz it takes 2 hands to fire my bow!

  2. SohJai says:

    They need to fix it! Too many SAM noobs out there already..

  3. Oman says:

    1Dex = 1Acc is really broken, but the good thing is finally Blmz can MB with their OM2. Also it seems like most NMs are gonna /c as “2 weak” now (-___ -“), is cool to see SE making FF more cascual but hopefully not too cascual. ..

    Congratz on ur Usukane Sune-Ate!!!w

  4. Keiffa says:

    Hey Sohjai! It’s your gear stalker! I just found your blog from ffxiah. ^^ I was wondering which grips you use. Those WS are insane! I was partying with a SAM last night that did crazy dmg too. He was using the accuracy+2 something or other… Do you different ones depending on the situation?

  5. SohJai says:

    Depends if you have enough accuracy and what food you using. But I still prefer Pole Strap most since my accuracy is pretty good already. I still bring Platinum Strap for higher evasion monsters and for it’s stun which never happens lol..


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