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Harvest Festival 2008

BOoooooOOO!! too bad eerie body didnt give us black mask like those formers =(. seriously, what can someone even do with eerie body. i think SE is running out of ideas now… but on the other hand, this item looks so cute!! i so want, but i cant go to CA =(.� /sigh i hate […]

Photosynth of CC’s Mog House!

This is a new microsoft feature called photosynth! it’s still brand new and they just release this like last wednesday and i was having a blast with it at work! so thought to share it with our readers! and i thought…what’s a good thing to photosynth??!? CIERMEL’S Pho’s House!!! Since this is a brand new […]

Epic Nyzle Floor 100 fight

When it comes to Nyzle assaults, out of all the statics out there, ours is …the most failed face when it comes to drops XD!! truly, drops rates of 50% on floor 100 does not exist even with a TH4 in our group!!! oftentimes we get so many absurd NMs and objects that most statics […]

Final Fantasy – Piano Collections

Yay! after hearing great news that the new Final Fantasy Piano Collection would include a free ingame bonus item, a harpsichord, ciermel and me decided to purchase it!! we had to purchase it from the JP playonline site, but now it’s available on the US playonline site for any of u guys who’re still interested. […]

Sig Tags by Ciermel

my new sig tag ^_^! i absolutely love it! it was made by cc of course !! i wished i was as talented with making sig tags. best of all ciermel put herself in the box with the phraze “Friendship comes in small packages” ^_^ soo cute!!