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Yoichinoyumi Test #1.

1st Myth – Yoichinoyumi has no DMG cap: When people talk about DMG cap, they usually mean fSTR2 cap. You cannot change the maximum Weapon’s damage + Ammo damage, as well as the maximum pDiF (3 non-critical; 3.75 critical). So only fSTR2 is the variable factor when everything is capped in the damage formula: Damage […]

Relic Gun vs Relic Bow.

It was once a hot discussion topics within the Ranger community. As far as I remember, there were mainly two types of people who argued back then, the ones who were upgrading Yoichinoyumi, and the ones who were upgrading Annihilator. It was pretty fun seeing how they tried to convince the others that their choice […]

Ranged accuracy from Prelude.

Hidden stats are among the worst things to test in FFXI. You can only try to give a rough boundary for each of the test that you want to do, and gradually narrow that boundary. I have always wondered if Archer’s Prelude can give the same effect as Sushi at 75 or not. Personally, from […]

The power of Kraken Club Ranger.

It is really simple, the more weapon skills you can do per 30 secs, the faster the monster will die, and that is exactly what Kraken Club gives a Ranger. Ranger generally suffers from the inability to auto-ranged attack, or not being able to benefit from Haste. One may argue that Ranger has access to […]

STR and AGI, which for Lv75 Rng?

Assuming that you have an abundant amount of ranged accuracy, so adding AGI will not help much more with regards to your ranged hit rate – number of arrows hit / total number of arrows fired. Also assuming the increases in STR and AGI can be equivalently found from the same slot of armor, just […]