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My 1st party, um, was with my friend. We kinda rock tat exp – ppl tat were soloing imps! As always, dp’s my greatest trick partner. But I also take into account his blinks b4 doing my lolDeathScissors :D.< Parser Results Anyway, I kinda think, from 50-71, I’ve scored #1 dmg in about 95% of […]

Imps Party with RL Friendz!

k LOL 36k exp in like um… 4 hours isn’t too shibby. but you know the party got to end when ppl in ur party eats these over “Ginger Cookie” So I ended the party quickly by… hehe Parser Results Anyway, went to do some mini skillup to cap my exp bar and…ya, f-kin Eviseraion […]

Exping Mai Lv68 Blue Mage!

ZOMG exping @ Bibiki Bay is SOO slow :/ I guess slow, but at least good xD, the thf was pretti good I must say :) Well basically PTing with me = good :o As usual, I end my party with a 1k Needles xD Parser Results

Exping with Ciermel :o

Maiev and Ciermel! Maiermel Its definately been awhile tat I’ve exp with Ciertalu, but exping with her whm brings back those old-school Onzozo Exp pt experience :) Toomuch Powerz, hero etc :O I’ll post erm.. parser later but take note of the chat log… we obviously have some suck ass melee there -.- All nubs […]

Exping for the Patch!

Trying to maxed it out, begain with 6/10 today, pt with Sath and 3 rangers rofl, wasn’t bad minus the so many deaths lol (oh ya, Sath does really nice Jins, click to see his WS gear!), ya finish with this, went to Caedarva Mire (Dvucca Isle), was fun, but exp was pure shit :< […]