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Azimuth Circle II

Woot!!! Finally it’s here, i have been waiting for ages, i can’t wait to do the event :D me and Quin did a dry run and tried to figure out how the event works. Both you and your partner will be transported to a field each one will find their specific “checkpoints”. Your partner can […]

Blu AF1 yeah!

Omg i reached lvl 41 today and i can’t wait to do my af1 quest for blue mage. i talked to Waoud again to open the quest and got a couple of cool cutscenes. Rhauban told me that in order to harness strength, i need to talk to the rest of the blue mages in […]

Ciermel’s Moghouse!

view facing from the door view facing the door shots on the four corners of the moghouse

Goldfishing and my pressie!

Sunbreeze festival started 25th of July. You can tell by the decor, summerfest music, fireworks and of curs, the rakapopo dancers. I hastily went straight to Rabao by doing the goldfishing event. As usual, Mei was is so enthusiastic about it. After a while, my buddy talus, Inore and Kaire joined me. Took me about […]

Zzzing sheeptalu & moogle outside moghouse!!!

ohhh… weird stuffs i saw today… like this one: yeah i was walkin at Caedarva Mire with Inoretalu during our pup questy when i saw this sheep sleeping while grazing at the field. i knew i gotta take a pic coz this is so cool ^^ then after�a days leveling and questing i was chillin’ […]