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Nashira Legs – Get for Maiev!

Nashira Legs – Get for Maiev!

Today I went to Limbus ‘-‘ Omega was hard but.. yay it dropped 5 enfeebling legs, which puts me to… astonishing enfeebling skills ‘-‘ but STILLL cannot silence Kirin, wtf? :o Hard work went into defeating that Omega :o Thanks everyone! Its very pretty! Rendering the pants!

Testing Stoneskin, Maiev’s Experiment!

I’ve spent my whole night writing my stoneskin calculations, but damn never knew someone even coded the calculator! Well, at least now I know a bit more. On the side note! LOL to this screenshot, 1000 needles hit a Lv1 mule and she fell off ‘-‘ Rofl to mules, too bad when you kill someone […]

Zenith Slacks +1

I thought about it for the longest time! But afterall, it was close to my birthday, so I should go on a shopping spree! Took 25m out of my bank and purchase tat sheet!!! Zomg! Its worth it, tier0, 1st on server, sex!

Maiev (rdm) tanking Fafnir!

Damn yo its been awhile I actually had some fun! Tanking Fafnir! There were only 1 tank so Zimph instructed me to go tank!! ZOMG! I can be cool (and skillup parry // @ 180) so here’s some cool screenshots! Provoke! Damn!! getting teh hit! This is what I get for constantly curing Hesasa for […]