Maiev (rdm) tanking Fafnir!

Damn yo its been awhile I actually had some fun! Tanking Fafnir! There were only 1 tank so Zimph instructed me to go tank!! ZOMG! I can be cool (and skillup parry // @ 180) so here’s some cool screenshots!


Maiev Tanking!

Damn!! getting teh hit!

Maiev tanking Fafnir!

This is what I get for constantly curing Hesasa for hate. Dude, its hard when you have -4 Enmity.

Maiev tanking Fafnir!

Maiev uses defender! because Zimph died ‘-‘

Maiev tanking Fafnir!

I had a lot of fun. Playing rdm in a totally different aspect absolutely made HNM more interesting!

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