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Dia II, RDM Merit Points!

Maiev’s Tier II Merit Point Setup! New Merit Points setup! Some people ask why I did my specific upgrades in merit, here’s my explanation. First read the discusson on about red mage merits I’ve also previously tested Stoneskin and Phalanx Potency on this thread. Bio2 @ 220skill does 7dmg/tick Bio2 @ 276 skill does […]

Patch Prep + Some Parrying Skillupz

was 10/10 but 8174/10000 so I went to solo some exp and hay :) parry skillup ‘~” and ya, I don’t think I’ll see this ever again anytime soon :(

Exping for the Patch!

Trying to maxed it out, begain with 6/10 today, pt with Sath and 3 rangers rofl, wasn’t bad minus the so many deaths lol (oh ya, Sath does really nice Jins, click to see his WS gear!), ya finish with this, went to Caedarva Mire (Dvucca Isle), was fun, but exp was pure shit :< […]

3mnk Parties ‘~”

k rofl, Arebaut > Piler, enough said. Someone needs to upgrade some MNK gear over buying kclubs :) Parser Results

1000 Needles the Chocobo Digger!

Lostame, have been always digging in West-Altepa. The first time I was testing out stoneskin statistics.. 1000 AoEd him, I felt bad but not anymore :) cuz its a bot. Original Image Omen Forum: My test on Stoneskin Potency.