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Astral Candescence Recovered!

Yea? I wake up this morning, AC gone (As usual, NA times), went to get food and Weeber was like, lets get that thing back for the niccaz~. I was like sure :O! So after 12 hours of adventuring in Reef, trying and retrying, me and my LS (GuessWho), soloed the Astral Candescence back to […]

[Video] Playing the Blues

The Real Post! Mai’s finger is about to fall off but at least I… Finish the guides! XD Both the MaiTalu’s Blue DD and Blu/ninChain 5 solo Vids! Writing em up took ages, worst than writing papers, but at least its done now :O Anyway, I’ve also spent the weekend creating a video inspired by […]

[Video] Maiev Soloing Imps + Guide Soon!

Blue Mage Chain 4/5! Blue Talk Time for some FFXI in action ‘-‘ “Sort of” :O Since I’ve only been logging in daily for 3k exp and logout, I thought sharing my Imps experience would be kind of cool. Well I’m no where Avesta, and don’t plan on being one, its more of just a […]

Going Away… to Movies!

1st thing, I went to see two movies these days, the Descent and Snakes on a Plane, I personally like Snakes better because its some mixture of some freakyness and laughter. Its pretty funny I must say getting bite from Snakes. Lets just say they bite “Interesting parts” :D I’ll leave it up to your […]