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My next 75 job ‘~” – Blue Mage

This gotta be some tough spell to learn. I was 1/36 but at least… Anyway, ya since there are like 100000 Blue Mages seeking, I always ended up making the parties most of the time. But hay at least its good xD Parser Results (Chain 17) I do think I could be a good Blue […]

1106 Death Scissors

I think going on exp spree can sometimes just makes you happier because you aren’t thinking of other stuff. But ya, I got from 59 to like 61 today, pretti intense I must say. Anyhow, one of the death scissors that I can SS :o Squishey need to take me to exp :( because… I’m�going�to�own�his�rng/war�Sidewinder�shoon�xD

A party with Squishey~

My 1st time partying with squishey was um.. my 57 retired Samurai. Back then he wasn’t really in ownage equipment, but was doing good xD After like um.. a year we party again on 5x job xD (i only have sam and blu pass 50). This party was fun. Since I was 2boxing Tazo, I […]

Blue Mage Lv39!

Ya, obviously its 39, but its jus um.. lol how darkslitter die in the mid-powerleveling because he forgot to stoneskin and vert xD. Nab!