My next 75 job ‘~” – Blue Mage

This gotta be some tough spell to learn. I was 1/36 but at least…

1000 Needles, Blue Mage, FFXI, Fenrir

Anyway, ya since there are like 100000 Blue Mages seeking, I always ended up making the parties most of the time. But hay at least its good xD

Chain 17, Lv 52 Blue Mage, Maiev FFXI of Fenrir

Parser Results (Chain 17)

I do think I could be a good Blue Mage though, its hard to rate yourself against others when I haven’t party with other Blue Mages before (not eve non RDM merit parties), but at least someone told me I’m doing good xD

Reafr, Maiev, Good Blue Mage, FFXI Taru Fenrir

Parser Results

For this, I really want to take it upt to 75 ‘~”

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