Blue AF+1/AFv2

Time to *Drool* AF1+1

Magus Keffiyeh +1 (Magus Head linked for comparison)
Lv. 74
DEF:24 MP+25 INT+5 MND+5
Enhances monster correlation effects

Magus Jubbah +1 (Magus Jubban)
Lv. 74
DEF:45 HP+17 MP+17 STR+5 DEX+5
Blue Magic skill +15
HP recovered while healing +1
MP recovered while healing +1

Mag. Bazubands +1 (Magus Baz)
Lv. 74
DEF:17 MP+20 STR+3 INT+3
Parrying skill +10
Increases chance to learn blue magic

Note: k lol

Magus Shalwar +1 (Magus Pants)
Lv. 74
DEF:34 HP+25 DEX+5 VIT+5 AGI+5
Spell interruption rate down 12%

Magus Charuqs +1 (Magus Shoes)
LV. 74
DEF:14 HP+18 MP+18 Accuracy+3
Evasion skill +10 Enmity-5

AFv2 and AFv2+1

Mirage Jubbah
DEF:45 MP+20 Accuracy+10 Enmity-2
Adds “Refresh” effect
Lv74 BLU

Mirage Jubbah +1
DEF:46 MP+20 Accuracy+12 Enmity-3
Adds “Refresh” effect
Lv75 BLU

Note: This one is hard pick. I mean if you have enough acc, then meh… this won’t really help. I mean look at Morrigan’s Robe, 5 less Acc, but you get a TON of other stats.
So I’d say: Vermy > Homam Body (if you have enuff Acc, then this isn’t useful, MP capacity and triple atk is not bad, just IMO I’d prefer the MP, its preference) > Blue AF2 > Morrigan. I was hoping Refresh effect on the hat… but I guess not..

The thing is … for soloing this rocks, you do spend quite a lot of time in soloing headbutt whenever it’s up. When soloing, the 2 thing that really matters is sustainability (ref effect) and landing your butts (acc), which this guy got. Currently I just headbutt in Morrigan Robe, which isn’t bad (well lazy too), but this offers a few more Acc, and headbutt really needs that acc. I’d say maybe 9.5/10 headbutt lands… its the 0.5 that kills you =P. Remember, in Headbutt, its not about doing damage, its about buying time.

Yes its got only 2 stats, but its the 2 stats that you only need when TPing, well you’d swap for Morrigan for sure for all other coolies like the actual spell but hay, this works pretty nice just for TPing and if you don’t have Morrigan’s Body

Mirage Charuqs
DEF:16 MP+15 AGI+3 INT+3
Attack+5 Enmity-2
Lv71 BLU

Mirage Charuqs +1
DEF:17 MP+15 AGI+4 INT+4
Attack+5 Enmity-2
Lv75 BLU

I’ll take Homam Shoes thanks.

Mirage Keffiyeh
DEF:24 HP+15 VIT+3
Blue Magic skill +5
Increases Breath Damage
Lv75 BLU

Mirage Keffiyeh +1
DEF:25 HP+15 VIT+4
Blue Magic skill +5
Increases Breath Damage
Lv75 BLU

The Blue Magic Skill is kinda nice, making your spell little stronger, but… I can make that up with STR on Morrigan’s Crown. =) The only thing is breath damage.. wtf? Maybe its gewd, but so far its pretty questionnable.

Mirage Bazubands
DEF:17 HP+12 MP+12 DEX+5 MND+5
Lv73 BLU

Mrg. Bazubands +1
DEF:18 HP+12 MP+12 DEX+6 MND+6
Lv75 BLU

Total junk imo. I’ll use my Devotee Mitts +1 for Magic Fruit and… TP with Morrigan’s Hands, got Acc too kthx.

Mirage Shalwar
Lv. 72
DEF:31 HP+10 MP+10 STR+3
Accuracy+5 Magic Accuracy+3

Mirage Shalwar +1
Lv. 75
DEF:32 HP+15 MP+15 STR+3
Accuracy+5 Magic Accuracy+5

I still think Homam Pants a little better. But if you’re casting a pure spell, I guess nothing can replace the 3 Magic Acc. Morrigan Pants gives nothing that really benefits the landing of Magic-Based blue magic.

Source: here.

In terms of the patch.. meh nothing really that interesting. Nyzul was nice, and so is Campaign but I don’t play both of them :3 So the only thing that I’m really looking forward to is AV. Oh well, start camping BG for goodies!

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