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Sea, Missions, 3ds and Duo’s!

Mini FFXI Updates. Not too much into productivity. Farming Organs, farming LB paper.. Limbo.. typical routine. CoP again ^_^ for Sakurakun~ Jeuno’s pretty nice heh, I always liked this battlefield. Too bad no BCNM is in it :) rofl ^^. When I’m bored… I just goto check server log and see what people’s querying to […]

The PS3 Song!

Trust me, good stuff :)


Cheap, nice, a geek’s toy! Since I’ve broken my 2nd laptop and its not going to be fixed anytime soon. Going to get something… I have a feeling I burned out the CPU (rofl) by overworking my laptop with Ventrilo, Skype and Photoshopping. So going to buy a UMPC (Ultra Mobile Personal Computer) to offload […]

Broken Laptop :< (T150)

Mm hmm.. kinda lost my life because… My baby (laptop) broke. What really happened was.. I was doing some research at school. Was kinda tired so I just took a nap with my arm kinda sitting on laptop, just the side so I know if someone takes it. Anyhow, I wake up, was like omg […]

Parrying and Optical Hat!

An Optical hat in 4hrs for MaiTalu :) Everyone thought, for being an old player, I should have got it in my storage somewhere… {fact}, I do not have an Opptical hat T.T So I was approaching Lv70sam. To be honest I never thought I’d play a melee job so when everyone ask if I […]