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Tazo the Bard on Fenrir

Tazo Taru with Sha’ir Manteel! Tazo Taru IRL Age: …???… Sex: Female Height: 3’2″ Hair: Steel Blue Eyes: Sparkling Blue Status: Single TaruTaru Female seeking TaruTaru Male! Occupation: BRD75,WHM37,BLM43,BST24,NIN17,WAR10,RDM8,MNK2 Sports: Running, /poke-ing people, hiding in bushes Loves: Fireworks, clothes shopping, Maiev-brand jewellery Pet peeves: finding NPCs, navigating maps, navigating without maps, missions

Tazo bows courteously to Maiev

Just writing something so Maiev quits calling it a ‘gimped’ page. Thanks to him for helping me set up the page and hosting it, and for introducing me to this game. /hug

Level 20 – My first screenshot!

My 1st screenshot zomg!

Level 0 to 20

I have no pictures of baby Tazo because I didn’t learn how to take screenshots (SS) until I was leveling in Quifm! I don’t remember much about xping for those levels, except: 1) Valkrum Dunes is very scary at low levels, 2) Selbina has no moogles, and no chocobos :(.

……the bard……Eruki

Before Tazo was born, Connie was fortunate enough to care for a taru bard. She leveled her from lvl 69 to lvl 74. Connie was the definition of high level n00b. Having never played an mmorpg in her life, it was extremely challenging. @_@ Poor Catalyst had to raise me numerous times with his pld, […]