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An attempt… to draw a taru.

Yes. It’s a moogle. Taru ears are hard. Enjoy my 50 lb overweight moogle!

“The Prisoner” – Emily Bront

The captive raised her face; it was as soft and mild As sculptured marble saint; or slumbering unweaned child; It was so soft and mild, it was so sweet and fair, Pain could not trace a line, or grief a shadow there! The captive raised her hand and pressed it to her brow; “I have […]

New Category – the Bard in me

I think I’ve really fallen in love with my FFXI character and her job as a bard. By definition a bard is a poet-singer who is skilled at reciting and composing verse and English was one of my favourite subjects in highschool and I never had the opportunity in university to continue it. Now I […]

Ding! Tazo’s Lv75Brd

On August 19, 1:40am, Tazo reached bard 75 – 2 months and 1 week into this game. YAY! The party consisted of my friends Destroyplanets, Shunzi, and Soulcalibur, and two other people that we didn’t know. Too bad Mai-Talu’s blumage was on vacation, he should’ve been there too. :!

Wanting to Backlog… Someday!

I have so much stuff to back-blog, but I’ve been way too lazy about it. As they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words so enjoy! At Shunzi’s suggestion I’m using 4 fireworks almost simultaneously: summer fan, festive fan, papillon, and datechoppin.