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Heavens Ring HQ [Maiev]

:o! Its always nice to have some of your work worn by people u know xD

2box Crafting! Now with Maiev and Eruki!

Its been awhile I’ve played FF, but LOL 2box crafting is kinda cool!

Returning to FFXI for Play!

Its been ahile since I’ve played Final Fantasy. It felt good upon saying hi! Thanks everyone for making it like a home, esp Zimph! Welcome 1, Welcome 2!

So I want to make 400k

… 1st ring after reaching GS 100 Sad day for Maiev =(

Goldsmithing Lv100 – 1st NA on Fenrir =)

NO JOKE! Goldsmithing 100!!!!! ZOMG! THANKS people!!! Time to make back the 100m that I spend on this crap! Goldsmithing 100 Ding!