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Experience World of Warcraft in FFXI! (FFXI vs WoW)

Majeev 70 Hunter on Gurubashi PvP Nooo its not bragging about my 1337 equipment! This is a review from a FFXI player about their WoW experience, in FFXI language! I ding 70 around two weeks ago~ I was just um.. doing all sorts of stuff and busy with life so… didn’t really had the time […]

Stun, Gravity and Binds!

Mastering in Stun, Gravity and Binds! “You must not fight with the same enemy for too long, or you’ll teach him everything about the art of PvP” One of the most exciting thing about WoW is the World PvP. You aren’t fighting AI’s, but real people. AI’s are program by human, and can only be […]