Category : XI Humor

Testing Stoneskin, Maiev’s Experiment!

I’ve spent my whole night writing my stoneskin calculations, but damn never knew someone even coded the calculator! Well, at least now I know a bit more. On the side note! LOL to this screenshot, 1000 needles hit a Lv1 mule and she fell off ‘-‘ Rofl to mules, too bad when you kill someone […]

Maiev’s Pretty Goldsmithing Bazaar!

Maiev’s Pretty Goldsmithing Bazaar!

LOL I think I made too much. People are too scared I pop more but at least its a nice bazaar! xD

Wiping in Dynamis Beaucedine!

Haha, I kinda like this specific SS, we all wiped, and from 1 word, we all raised up together ;O!