Category : XI Humor

FFXIAH’s Early Version!

Yar, I’m now transferring my selling of items to my mules. I mean its cool to make it to tup25, but then you get. “Failed login attempt: 2” > How do you make money! Competitors >> What do you make to make money So yar, I’m now putting em onto my mules to sell :O! […]

Amedia got Terrible Taste!

I guess the SS says it all…

Maiev vs Telu in Goldsmithing!

So who wins the rock synth! I’ve always think I’m more a “researched” crafter whereas Telu is more a “I got money so I’ll earn money eventually overtime”. So once again, it proves…. or at least to me, direction can make a difference ^^; Results here! Owned :D

Rora’s Wifetalu?

With Dalmatica, I first changed it to blue! (Its so pretti)! Basically all my dat-editing interest begins here! But anyway, whoz prettier! Tell me its Maiev!! >.> I know Wide-hair’s just as equal as me though :<

RMT Pwned on Reserach!

Dude seriously, some ppl just gotta stop this bot! Its so obvious cuz it just ran by 1000 needles AGAIN! and I wasn’t even doing it in purpose. We were bored during intervals so we went to test out MND and…. Jeez, RMT got owned 2 days ago in THIS post! Haha :D