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Parrying my Samurai up to 75!

New Category… Call Baby Samurai~ Just to keep everything related to my Samurai progress in ‘-‘. I think my next goal is to cap Parrying Skill. I really see that not being impossible, but takes ages. Its kinda like Goldsmithing but if you have the heart to do something, you’d get it :) So to […]

Duckies’ Jailer of Love, and dead Ciermel SS!

Duckies’ Jailer of Love, and dead Ciermel SS!

Duckies decided to pop a Love today :) due to lack of WHM, I had to 2box Cier’s WHM! With recent practice, I was pretty confident that I can 2box healers in the tank party! Anyway, so what all happened with Duckies’ Love? DuckHUNT’s 1st Jailer of Love! Amazing! Smooth! When I was in Omen, […]

[Video] Playing the Blues

The Real Post! Mai’s finger is about to fall off but at least I… Finish the guides! XD Both the MaiTalu’s Blue DD and Blu/ninChain 5 solo Vids! Writing em up took ages, worst than writing papers, but at least its done now :O Anyway, I’ve also spent the weekend creating a video inspired by […]

[Video] Maiev Soloing Imps + Guide Soon!

Blue Mage Chain 4/5! Blue Talk Time for some FFXI in action ‘-‘ “Sort of” :O Since I’ve only been logging in daily for 3k exp and logout, I thought sharing my Imps experience would be kind of cool. Well I’m no where Avesta, and don’t plan on being one, its more of just a […]

2boxing Maiev and Ciermel for Exping!

this one took ages! :( dunno y but hehe accidentally PT with ciertalu! but lol we pulled like 4 links and :< but at least ciertalu got a yay to new stuff :D, and the parser for that PT was here.