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This Guy

so i finished getting teles for Him today…and after that since i was in the snowy area i decided to walk around beacuse i never got a chance to…so this guy…this guy when he attacks he will take that weapon and he will use it on your char in a way u never seen before…lol that dosent […]

Him and Inorelin!

so like i said i will do something eventually it happend that Ls member Him asked me to get him to 3 teleport crystals today and so we went to get Yhoat tele crystal first i dont know why i hate that place maybe thats why i choose it first and we got it done…stinking […]

Blu questing with maimaitalu

i wanna personally thank maimai for helping me get the blue mage quest done. thought i make a nice film of us 2 doing it. ENJOY!!!

Introductory to TaruTaru Inorelin

so this is how i look like in the game…in my blessed gear sexy isnt it? I spend lots of times in the Jeuno gardens because it reminds of Minas Tirth in lord of the rings lol, today so far i am just walking around talking to people…yeah i go somewhere later…maybe

Ciermel’s Favorite Place in Vanadiel

This is my favorite place in ff. this place holds some of my fondest memories. Unfortunately, it also reminds me of my saddest moments.