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Maiev earns a merit point! (Total: 10)

So after hours and hours of Mamool Exping.. Ding 10th merit! I’ve never thought I’d like to exp that much again until ToA! xD And I’ve spent all those merit points on…. Ya lol, but I kinda want to have a lower timer because I have around 1110 hp 1114mp with convert gear, so it […]

Dalmatica Get! (Apr 4, 2006)

I’ve waited this for pretti long :o! At last I get my hand on it. Damn yo, I’ve camped HNM since Omen v1 -> UB -> Omen v2 -.- tat’s nearly 18 months :o! Time to EXP! xD Why didn’t I go for HQ even though i had the gil? Its too low of a […]

Maiev’s Dalmatica!

Maiev’s Dalmatica!

ZOMG! I can’t believe I actually goin see / possess this paper in my life ‘-‘ I guess its no longer a miracle! Dream Catcher ftw! hehe

RMT Pwned on Reserach!

Dude seriously, some ppl just gotta stop this bot! Its so obvious cuz it just ran by 1000 needles AGAIN! and I wasn’t even doing it in purpose. We were bored during intervals so we went to test out MND and…. Jeez, RMT got owned 2 days ago in THIS post! Haha :D

Completed CoP Mission! Yay!

Woot! Thx to the people to helped ‘-‘ I can now hehe boost my MP even higher. 1296mp for a TaluRdm! hehe