Category : RDM Chatter

Corsair DA/Crit Roll Pwns!

Enough said, no food, war sub (with Warcry) for a wooping 700 damage xD That’s without any gear switching too (Pure accuracy) Too bad no parry skillup ;;

Parry skillup sessions xD

Ding 180.0! But I think mourouche no longer gives me parry ; gotta find somewhere else to skillup now :<

Blood Cuisses ”~’

Hehe, after abusing Eeto for a night, I’ve come across a blood cuisses xD 1/12 sadly ; but hay, wanted the white square :< I actually crafted on him and discover some coolioz about crafting dark/evil-based item.

Chain 300 with Tsunade!

Yay to Chain 300. It was a 16.5k/hr exp party! Its really different when you have a party full of merited people xD. The results were astonishing! :O~

Duoing Apollyon with Roranora!

1st run, wasn’t that bad I must say :) Duo all the way up to level 5, but Rora had to pull a link (NQ and HQ) so we LOL, ended up like 32 coins I think :)