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Haubergeon +1 [Rora]

Its pretty good! I mean, I’d wish I had the gil back then to buy that sign version. Regardless I’m happy for Rora’s Smithy 100! ‘-‘ Anyway, later that night, someone was going to quit. That crafter wanted diamond despritely for an Ice Shield, so I went to desynth Diamond Rings (300k each). Ouch, 1.2m […]

Heavens Ring HQ [Maiev]

:o! Its always nice to have some of your work worn by people u know xD

2box Crafting! Now with Maiev and Eruki!

Its been awhile I’ve played FF, but LOL 2box crafting is kinda cool!

So I want to make 400k

… 1st ring after reaching GS 100 Sad day for Maiev =(

Goldsmithing Lv100 – 1st NA on Fenrir =)

NO JOKE! Goldsmithing 100!!!!! ZOMG! THANKS people!!! Time to make back the 100m that I spend on this crap! Goldsmithing 100 Ding!