Category : Master Craftsman

Bonecraft 60 ‘~”

Don’t know if this would be consider an achievement ‘~”, kinda PLed that shit. Cheap as fook, like 500k loss :). Don’t know why I categorize that as Shiny Things too :o

Snow Ring… broken ;;

I was goin sign one for Kiara but… 2m down the shitter :(

Curse Undies -1

Gratz supaduck!

HQ Snow Ring [Maiev]!

does not exist…HQed on Xariana’s synth and…. Anyway, Gratz to Aquilo’s Ring!

Helping out inflation!

hehe its time to clear junk from my mules! xD Well I could synth them, like make our ecnomy FULL of junk, but I’ve decided to NPC the stones isntead xD I’m goin get em back fast anyway :) Hardworking Goldsmithing Talu here :) There goes me, selling out all my Goldsmithing rocks out :)