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Distant Worlds in Toronto!

Distant Worlds 2010

Yes, it’s almost been 3 weeks lolz! I should have done this long ago! So basically… 3 weeks ago I went to Distant Worlds (duh!). I went with Tazo and five other friends. We ate at the nearby Marche then just cross the street to the concert :D! I suddenly had a craving of that night’s performance, so I’ve decided to really finish the typing for this post :D!

The concert was at Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, which was also the same hall where Play! A Video-game Symphony performed their pieces back in 2006!

Distant Worlds seating, the $3x, the $6x, the $10x and the Nobuo Uematsu price $13x. I took the $6x along with my friends, but hell I’d take the Nobuo Uematsu price $13x if only… I had a friend who’s also willing to dish out that price :D

Upon entering, I saw the souvenir store! I’d buy the shirt but meh, I ended up just grabbing two Distant Worlds CD’s as a sign of support!~ Here’s the list of songs on those disks :)

After taking my seat, I looked around for DS. 4 years ago, all the nerds took out their NDS and use Pictochat! However, the same type of nerds wern’t here anymore :( But then I guess Video Game Symphony contains a lot more Nintendo-based music, so it was normal for them to own a DS. Whereas, FF fans don’t necessary own a DS.. since if anything, we dump all our time on XI and XIV lolz.

Btw, Nobuo Uematsu was sitting over here!

Orchestrated by the Kitchener/Waterloo Symphony, they were also the one which performed the Play Symphony – an outstanding group of musicians :D!

Below is the entire first half of the performance! (I’ll comment below)

Let’s Re-live the party :)

  1. FF VIII – Liberi Fatali
  2. FF Series – Victory Theme
  3. FF X – To Zanarkand
  4. FF VIII – Don’t be Afraid
  5. FF VII – Aerith’s Theme
  6. FF I to III – Assorted Melody
  7. FF V – Dear Friends
  8. FF IV – Vamo alla Flamenco
  10. FF XI – Ronfaure
  11. FF V – Clash on the Big Bridge

Quick Comment for 1st half:

I loved the victory surprises lolz, FF X theme was so touchy :D, Aerith, it’s great, but I remember the Play Syphony did it better, at least the visual was synchronized with the music. The FF I to III melody was nice, and so is dear friends. Vamo all Flamenco was VERY NICE :D, I LOVED THIS SONG :D!, Jenova (again, having went to Play, it was alright). Ronfaure… the MUSIC was nice, the graphics that went with it… didn’t quite fit lolz.

— Intermission (where I found Yuna, but not Nobuo Uematsu with no success lolz! —

  1. FF VII – Bombing Mission
  2. FF VIII – Fisherman’s Horizon
  3. FF XI – Memoro de la Stono
  4. FF XIII – Fabula Nova Crystallis
  5. FF XIII – Blinded by Light
  6. FF XIV – Navigator’s Glory
  7. FF XIV – Primal Judgement
  8. FF XIV – Swing de Chocobo
  9. FF VI – Opera – Maria and Draco
  10. FF VI -Terra’s Theme
  11. FF VII – One-Winged Angel

Quick Comment for 2nd half:

Bombing mission was awesome… Fisherman’s Horizon was… GOOD, but nothing beats Memoro de la Stono. Lets just put it this way, having play the story as well, you feel a little attached to the music. But you can obviously hear a lot of people don’t play XI, the clap was significantly less when they finish the piece. Fabula Nova… was okay to me. Blinded by Light was… um… I guess I didn’t play the story, hard to comment. Then we have XIV’s Navigator’s Glory (Limsa Lominsa Theme) which was awesome :D (I got bored of the one in XIV :<). Primal Judgement was um... the performance was good :D but I wish they performed like the... FFXIV theme music :D! Of course, Swing de Chocobo was a good addition :D. MY FAVORITE :D is the Maria and Draco's Opera performance :O! When they roll in the Terra's Theme with Credits, I really thought it was over (thinking.. how could they not have One-Winged Angel). and yep, rolled in One Winged Angel, and you'd see the conductor dragging on Nobuo to the Orchestra and sing along LOL

General Comment

Not having the program sucks. Play! Symphony had them for sale… for like $8. I’d buy it :). I actually like those stuff >.> too bad it’s

I’d give it maybe 95/100 :D The 5 points is probably some wrong-usage of cut scene to the music. Some was very nice, which even bought humor. However, some could have been better, especially XI, VII Aerith’s Theme, XIV, V’s Dear Friends. The musical performance, just the music was stunning :O especially how it was live.

Knowing FF XIV wasn’t doing too great, they didn’t really go a great deal into promoting it, keeping Distant Worlds “Distant Worlds”, and not XIV Distant Worlds.

Having went to Play! Symphony a few years ago, I’d like this one more due to personal preference and love with FF series and Nobuo Uematsu’s music. Everything was very fluid, and I have to encourage everyone to goto the next one :D! (They just need to do more promotion, because I found out a few of my friends would have went, if only they KNEW about it – -“).

I really enjoyed it! OMG I even wanna goto the next one >.> in Chicago lolz (It’s close to me!)

Digital Download of FF XIV Twilight over Thanalan, Beneath Bloodied Banners

In case you didn’t catch it, it’s only a dollar to get the latest performance of XIV pieces directly from FF Distant World’s website. Download away!

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  1. Xariana says:

    Listening to this version of the LL music gave me a greater appreciation for it. Maybe I’ll actually try playing XIV with the music volume up again.

    I don’t know, the XIV music just hasn’t done it for me like the XI music did. I remember loading into Windurst for the first time, and noting how much the music matched the city feel, then zoning out into Sarutabaruta, and enjoying that, and so on and so on… Every zone had a different feel in appearance, and so did every zone’s music have a different feel and contribute to the overall ambiance. I just haven’t had that same feeling in XIV yet, whether it is because the “zones” are much larger and you don’t pass through as many to notice the differences or what.

  2. TwitterBot says:

    [KaitlinMS]@Maiev Okay, you know what’s SO weird? At the beginning of your video, the people trying to sit down a few rows in front are me & my dad!!!


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