The Chain 5 Videos!

Enough explaining my stuff, time for the action!

Chain 5 requires good MP management on your previous kills. That’s being said, I can’t allow Imps to control me, so please use Head Butt! Anyway, here’s the rough timeline of a Chain 5. Btw, I have 800 effective MP, I’ll timeline below are for around 650mp users.

Note: You cannot use the North Camp (the place where there’s only 2 place holder for imps) for Chain 5. Max Chain 4!

  • Kill Imp, Chain 0
  • Full Rest
  • Kill Imp, Chain 1
  • Full rest
  • Kill Imp, Chain 2, Eat Cookie
  • Full rest
  • Pop Juice, Kill Imp, Chain 3, Pop Juice (if it wears off), Eat Cookie
  • 2 ticks of MP rest
  • Pop Juice, Kill Imp, Chain 4. Pop Juice
  • CHECK if you have 320mp (I go Chain 5 if I have 280mp since I have 5 Physical Potency Merit)
  • Kill Imp for Chain 5

Below are the videos of my Chain 0-5 video, it should show you enough of how I fight imps. I’ve chopped out my MP resting part, waste of bandwidth!

Nasty Combo

Sleepga! / Poisonga! If you use Ichi : Ichi : Ni : 1 dead Imp, if Imp does decide to Sleepga on your 1st or 2nd Ichi blinks, you have Ni as backup.

Lets say, something happen (from my experience), you ran from Ichi -> Ni, and it Sleepga.

STAY CALM You will be taking hits!

Your Head Butt WILL NOT give you enough time (unless it was a lucky Head Butt, but I wouldn’t gamble with the duration of Stun) so.. Magic Fruit yourself!!

The Videos (DivX Format)

Enough reading, sometime its easier to just see it or… more brave to try it out when you’ve seen it before so… here’s the process of a Chain 5 in a nutshell (chopping off resting time inbetween videos, updated, its now linked to youtube.)

Chain 0 & 1 Video

(Full rest in-between 0 and 1)

Full Rest

Chain 2 & 3 Video

(Full rest inbetween 2 and 3)

2-3 ticks of MP / start drinking Yagudo Juice if you have low MP pool

Chain 4 and 5

This should conclude about all my discoveries and learning in Blue-Mage! Hope you really enjoyed it. If you want to leave a comment or suggestion, you can leave it on this page.

Frequently Asked Qustions

Q: Why Engage the Imp?
A: Its because I wanted the parry skillup. Unless your parrying is uberly low, you can skill up on these. EP’s to 75 will not take your parrying beyond 180, so the only way to level it is.. tank stuff higher than EP at level 75 ‘-‘ Imps VT! Can even cap your parry.

Q: Why CA before the battle, I mean its 0 TP!
A: CA doubles your secondary modifier regardless of TP. So you’ll still get a slight damage increase. You could (its really a preference thing), CA in mid-battle since you got TP, but I’d rather be able to calculate my MP usage. If I CA in the beginning, its roughly 5-6 spells to take out an Imp (with CA), but if you get Null JA in mid-battle ‘-‘ you don’t even get the bonus damage :o Debatable!

Q: Is yours a refresh sanction?
A: Yes, its well worth it even for 100 points. Lets say everyday you go burn an xp ring. 200 points for RP, 100 for refresh signet, but 3k exp = 300 points! You break even, and make your life easier! (and safer). Don’t save on RR gorget, 5k to save yourself from hassle! I mean it could Posionga II in beginning the Sleepga, rape your blink in seconds and.. ‘-‘

Q: What merit did you put in first?
A: If I was a blue mage, I’d do Potency > MP Capacity. Very simple, to kill more efficient, that means inflicting more damage as quickly as possible hence giving you more time to rest.

Increasing damage by 2% is basically saying you are doing more damage with less mp, or relatively giving you more mp. If you have a 800 MP Pool, a 2% extra damage is like giving you a 2% MP saving, or you can see it as, adding 2% more to your mana pool, which makes 16mp more.

Whereas 1 merit of mp = 10 mp, you get more if you do potency first :) That’s my recommendation if you had to choose between two.

Overall merit order, I’d do..

Potency > MP Merit > Sword Merit > Magic Accuracy.

I’ll add when people ask me and I think its important to let others know :O

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