Killing the Imp!

Killing the Imp!

  • Its got 2500 HP! If your attack does average 450, it takes roughly 5-7 spells!
    • Frenetic Rip’s Recast is.. 28.5sec (no haste), 25sec with haste
    • Hysterical Barrage’s Recast is.. 28.5sec
    • Disseverment’s Recast is.. 32.5sec, 28sec with haste

Lets go over the method to kill an Imp (the stupid Blue-Mage way).

Lets say it takes 6 spells to kill an Imp. A Blue-Mage who doesn’t know the advantage of Head-Butt is.. would do the following.

  • [Before Battle Starts] Buff up! Refueling, Blink up!
  • [Time Frame] // Actions taken
  • [0:00] // Disseverement (1/6 spell)
  • [0:00]Imp hits you for 1 blink.
  • [0:030] // Hysterical Barrage (2/6 spell)
  • [0:03]Imp hits you for 1 blink.
  • [0:06] // Starts Casting Utsusemi: Ichi / Ni, whatever your preference is
  • [0:06]Imp hits you for 1 blink.
  • [0:11] // Frentic Rip (3/6 spell, half dead)
  • [0:11]Imp hits your for 1 new blink.
  • [0:14] Oh shit, nothing to do, lets // Head Butt, stun for a nice 2 seconds
  • [0:18] Imp hits you for 1 new blink // 100TP, can JA you.
  • [0:21] Imp hits you for 1 new blink <-- Imagine Sleepga here
  • [0:21] // Starts Casting Utsusemi: Ichi/Ni, whatever it is left
  • [0:24] Imp hits you for 1 blink
  • [0:24] Thinking to yourself, WTF, spell still not up!!!
  • [0:27] Imp hits you for 1 blink
  • [0:28] // Starts Casting Utsusemi: Ichi/Ni
  • [0:30] Imp his you for 1 blink (and your shit might not even BE up)
  • [0:30] Imp might land a hit on you!
  • [0:33] Finally, resume killing! // CA Disseverment (4/6 spell)
  • [0:36] Frenetic Rip (5/6 spell)
  • [0:39] Hysterical Barrage. (6/6 spell)

Sure, that’s probably do-able, but not the smartest way. Lets look at a few things. We are assuming Imps are only attacking you. We haven’t included anytime spent on eating Echo Drops, nasty stuff like landing a super-fast Poisonga that eats all your blink. Sleepga, not only it eats your blink, but you must take 200 damage to wake yourself up.

Lots of Head-Butt Method (Maiev’s method):

Now I’m not saying mines the perfect way, but in theory, I think its safer. I’ve had fights, in which the Imps only hit me once or twice. (I’ll love to show a video, but I maxed out Exp bar, so trying to fraps a perfect fight is a bit waste of time on my part >.>. I’ll do so when I need some exp on my Blue-Mage again from eating massive R1 / redo RDM merits etc.)

  • Buff-Up, Let the killing begin!
  • [-0:01] Chain Affinity
  • [0:00] Disseverment (1/6)
  • [0:00] Imp his Maiev for 1 blink.
  • [0:03] Head Butt! (TIME EXTENSION!)
  • [0:06] Hysterical Barrage (2/6)
  • [0:08] Imp hits Maiev for 1 blink.
  • [0:09] Head Butt! (TIME EXTENSION!)
  • [0:12] Starts casting Utsusemi: Ichi oh Maiev
  • [0:13] Imp his Maiev for 1 blink.
  • [0:15] Imp his Maiev for 1 new blink.
  • [0:16] Head Butt! (TIME EXTENSION!)
  • [0:19] Frentic Rip (3/6)
  • [0:20] Imp his Maiev for 1 new blink.
  • [0:21] Imp takes 2 seconds to readies a JA (3 attack, JA attack’s due)
  • [0:22] Head Butt! (Massive Time Extension, remember, when you interrupt a JA, its assume the JA was still casted, hense no action can be taken, the “Next Attack” counter also stops)
  • [0:24] Maiev starts casting Utsusemi: Ni
  • [0:27] Head Butt! (Time Extension!)
  • [0:29] Disseverment (4/6)
  • [0:29] Imp his Maiev for 1 blink.
  • [0:31] Head Butt (Waiting for Frentic Rip to be up)
  • [0:34] Hysterical Barrage
  • [0:37] Frenetic Rip.

So what’s the difference? My method, burns the idle time where you are waiting for spell recast with Head Butt. Head Butt not only buys time, but can Stun any potential threat. In any condition if the Imp start casting a LONG Firaga II / Thundaga II, it WOULD be stunned. Whereas the stupid blue mage, have to “look” at the chat log, and stun!. My method allows you to spend more time on counting blinks instead. I can control the fight. With constant Head Butt, you can even have a chance to stun fast spell such as Poisonga / Sleepga. And when you stun a spell, you gain MASSIVE time extension. Those that play a mage would understand. If you move while casting a long spell, you cannot cast any spell until that “long spell gets interrupted around 55% or if you sit down.

Stupid Blue-Mage way: The Imp can flip the outcome of the battle, making more MP usage than its needed
Lots of Head-Butt Method: You control the fight more than the Imp. Making MP more managable on your side, greater safety. You are fighting VT Imps, Head Butt won’t be resisted as much.

Ok, onto the exact timeline of the Chain 5 process!

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