General Blue-Mage Knowledge

General Blue-Mage Knowledge

Got to clarify this, I’m not pulling these facts out of my TaluButt.

Publicly available information:

BlueGartrLS – Blue Mage Discussion (from 1st day), I’ve read every single post of it.
Blue Mage WS Modifiers. – You need to fully understand this website.
FFXI Wikipedia – They are certainly good to refer to, since I’m just discussing the style/method of playing Blue Mage only.

Casting/Spamming of Physical Blue-Magic spells.

Blue-Mage uses MP to reproduce an attack of the enemy. But since its physical, that means it can have a chance to miss! When you cast a Physical Blue-Magic. It first checks your gear for stats, it then gets multiplied by a spell multiplier to generate the damage value. Finally, it runs through your accuracy gear. “Is this 1000 damage spell going to land”?

Spell Damage x Accuracy = Your outcome of your casting.

There are two forms of possible outcome.

  • Maiev’s Death Scissors has no effect on the Galka. (You miss like a nub!)
  • The Galka takes 1337 damage. (You did some form of damage!)

Ways in which you can increase your damage includes…

  • Leveling up! Your Head Butt from Lv 1 was 7 damage? My Head Butt at Lv75 do 100+ Damage.
  • Equip the correct and balanced gear (both in Stats and Accuracy) when casting a Physical Blue-Magic.
  • Merit your “Potency of Physical Blue-Magic”.
  • Use /thf for both guarantee landing of attacks and for Critical Strike.
  • Use correct spell (spell that the monster is weak to).

Casting/Spamming of Magical Blue-Magic spells.

Again, Blue Mage uses MP to reproduce an attack. Magical Blue-Magic is very straight forward, 95% are INT based. Talus like me drain 100MP+ from Colibris, making me a good DD during 56-64. The only outcome for magical blue-magic is it gets resisted, meaning the effectiveness was decreased!

Ways in which you can increase your blue magic effectiveness includes …

  • LOL Leveling up! We won’t and will never get “Bomb Toss II”!
  • Equip the correct gear / staff. I haven’t done extensively research nor I read anything about staff helping spells, but that’s because we losoe TP when un-equipping our sword for a staff.
  • Merit your “Accuracy of Magical Blue-Magic”
  • Use /blm for Elemental Seal (I read about it on BG, saying it works, but I’ve never tried it)
  • Use correct spell (the spell that the monster is weak to)

Accuracy and its Importance

Yes, its very important, its very very important! Accuracy not only generates TP, but increases your “accuracy” on any Physcial Blue-Magic that was being cast. As you already know, TP can be used to increase the effectiveness of your spell, all spells. Usually the damage increase from having more TP is proportional. With TP, you can even self-skillchain! Just don’t kill yourself doing it.

Remember that accuracy affects your landing of Physical Blue-Magic. Remember, you are using MP to “reproduce” an attack of an enemy and therefore, landing the Physical Blue-Magic is another story! You are merely reproducing it!

Well what about Attack Power (The # above Resistance in your Equipment Screen)

Its absolutely useless. I will get a bit technical here.

VZX who researched these formulas also wrote about…

Both of these equation were derived by VZX

Weapon Skill Damage Formula: Damage = WD * PDIF = ((D + fSTR + WSC) * fTP) * PDIF

Blue Magic Damage Formula: D Value=[D+SV+WS Correction]×Multiplier

Lets now translate those symbols to English. We start off with Weapon Skill damage formula:

Physical WS Damage Calculation:
WD: Base damage of your WS
D: Base damage of your weapon (e.g., Espadon = 43)
fSTR: difference between your STR and target’s VIT
WSC: Secondary attribute like STR_30 (30% of your STR).
fTP: Multiplier (Please see chart below).
PDIF: (your ATK/target’s DEF)

Now the Blue-Magic damage formula:

※D … It is expected to be: [Blue Magic Skill×0.11]×2+3. There’s cap for each technique
※WS … Related to Stats. Similar to WSC, there is level correction factor
※SV … Modified by Your STR – Opponent VIT. Please refer to fSTR(2) table over here.
IfΔ=your STR – Opponent VIT is 28, SV is 8(the value of fSTR).
For the rest of the value, whenever Δ+4 -> SV+1.
Example: if Δ=84 -> SV is capped at 22(unconfirmed)

Oh no, did VZX forgot about attack? Nope, its correct, he specifically quote

  • Attack is somehow dependent to Blue Magic Skill (He means that the strength of the physical blue magic attack is somehow dependent to your Blue Magic skill.)

Go take a Lv1 sword and try it out, its hard to believe but, you would do the same damage on your spell. So the point is, attack (from melee weapons) only increases your melee damage! Therefore, you have no reason to equip any attack gear if the slot can fit in STR or Accuracy gear.

Sometimes I swap in a Light Staff to cast Magic Fruit, and when I forgot to swap back, you notice that spell don’t land, or doing crap damage. That’s because you are calculating Physical Blue-Magic accuracy based on your “Staff Skill”.

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