Blue Mage’s Abilities

Blue Mage’s Abilities

We will go over each job trait and abilities below! If you know them inside out, you can pretty much skip the page!

Job Traits

Blue Mage do not have job traits. They ‘temporarily’ acquired them through equipping certain combination of spells. Equipping Antic Burst and Plasma Charge (Lv75 blu spells) will give you “Auto Refresh”, giving you a natural 1mp/tick. You can find all other combination on FFXI-Wikipedia.

Job Ability:

Chain Affinity / Burst Affinity says “Allows your next (Physical/Magical) blue magic to be used in Skillchain/Magic Burst). There’s more then just that. Chain Affinity “takes” your TP away for the added effects. Let’s take Death Scissors (the famous high-DD spell) for example.

Death Scissors: A one-hit Physical Blue-Magic skills that deals damage to enemies. Damage varies with TP.

If you spam this spell, you would probably get some nice 200-300 damage (2/3 hit landed), whereas if you use Chain Affinity (and have some TP) and cast Death Scissors, you would get at least 500+ at the cost of all your TP. There is NO TP return from using any blue-mage abilities both during normal casting or in Chain Affinity.

Therefore, there are two uses of Affinities.

  1. is to enable you to self/join Skillchain and
  2. use it solely to increase the spell’s effectiveness.

Blue Mage 2hr – Azure Lure

Many people are confused the uses of Azure Lure! The description is kind of shit as you all know (Enhances the effect of blue magic spells for 30sec) wtf? Ok lets go technical here.

If you just want the Juice, the spell that gets strengthen by Blue Mage’s 2hr are

  • Head Butt
  • Hell Dive
  • Smite of Rage
  • Death Scissors
  • Frentic Rip
  • Hysteric Barrage
  • Cannonball
  • Ram Charge

The reason is this! Look again at this website about Blue-Magic Modifiers. Look at the column (2H), there, you see a different set of numbers, those are the “Multiplier modifiers” of the damage equation…

The damage calculation is the same with PC WS damage calculation

D Value=[D+SV+WS Correction]×Multiplier

Under normal condition, your TP determines your multiplier as you can see on the website. Lets take barrage for example

Hysterical Barrage!

Basically if you keep D and WS constant (explained in the advanced blue mage section), the only factor that affects the strength of your blue magic (just normal casting) is TP and how much STR you got but when you 2hr,


D Value=[D+SV+WS Correction]×1.75


D Value=[D+SV+WS Correction]×1.85

You get the idea right? You can think of it as a free 300TP but invisible to you!

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