Intermediate Blue-Mage Knowledge

Intermediate Blue-Mage Knowledge

If you read this far, I’m sure you are very dedicated in being a pwnage blu! No worry, the goodies are below!

When I was 3x exping @ Garlaige, I never understood with my pimp gear, I was unable to out-damage (average) this Elvaan’s Screwdriver. After when this came out, I finally understand… because Screwdriver is MND & STR! Elvaan have both high STR and MND so that’s total ownage.

Spell selection is an art to blue-mage itself. Its just like how Galka are like ownage Samurai. Choosing the spell that you have advantage of is obviously another reason I was able to keep my out-parsing streak till 75. Now lets learn how to read this website.
Blue WS Table

TP0 (Highlighted in Blue)

Each blue mage spell casted goes through an equation to determine the damage output. The website above also derive an equation, in which I find it very accurate.

D Value=[D+SV+WS Correction]×Multiplier

Lets do some simple math! To see how the multiplier affects the damage output! Grade 5 math is required below! (We will do so by keeping D, SV and WS variable constant, and substituting both Ram Charge (1.00) and Vertical Cleave (3.00) into the equation.

D Value (total damage from Ram Charge)=[Constant]×1.00
D Value (or total damage from Vertical Cleave)=[Constant]×3.00

As you can see, the Damage from Vertical Cleave, keeping all other constant, will be 3x more than Ram Chrage. Its true in FF too, try testing it. That’s why you have “Wow, this spell sucks!”. This basically explains it! Choosing the right spell to equip/cast is very important!

So if I were to spam my way through party setting or solo, I would pick something (at least) with a high multiplier along with… (next part).

Multiple-Hit Weapon Skill (Highlighted in Green)

Ever wonder why Bludgeon own so much? So much that you use it for so many levels? Well lets look at something similar and easier to understand / test. Hysterical Barrage, a 5 hit Weapon skill / spell.

Well Hystical Barrage is a multiplier of 1.25, but how come it does good damage! Nowai!!

Stats of Hysterical Barrage

Hysterical Barrage

If you scroll down, the word Hit means how many time the spell hits the monster, hense multiple-hit. 1 basically means single, while 5 means its a 5-hit weapon skill (or spell). No its not 1.25 x 5. If you look at the webpage and scroll a bit upwards, you would find something like this.

※For Multi Hit Blue magic, it’s not yet been confirmed that second and consecutive hit will have multiplier 1.00
(Though it seems gonna be 1.00 anyway)

So the equation for Hysterical Barrage would be.

D Value=[(Constant)×1.25] + [(Constant)×1.00] + [(Constant)×1.00] + [(Constant)×1.00] + [(Constant)×1.00]

A side note, if you CA this, only your first multiplier increases, all other 4 would remain 1.00 so in other words, no point to CA Hysterical Barrage.

A note on Hysterical Barrage. Your accuracy is important on this one. This spell is very similar to Rampage. To do good damage you must

  • Land all 5 hits
  • High SV to maximize the overall modifier. (In rampage, fTP determines the chances of your critical hit during your WS, hense Mighty Strike are good for this. In blu’s multiple hit spell, the constant is set as 1.00 for all other consective hits, therefore the only way to make good Hysterical Barrage is to have a high SV, in other words, have good gear for the stats related to the weapon skill)

Stats Modifier (SV, Highlighted in Red)

Is stats modifier important? Sort of. Lets use the above constant equation again, but this time we would keep the multiplier constant and put SV (Stats modifier variable) into the comparison. Lets substitute 1 for multiplier to make it easier to understand!

D Value=[D+SV+WS Correction]×Multiplier

After substitution, it would turn into…
D Value=[8+Constant]×1 (The result of 28STR above Monster’s VIT)
D Value=[12+Constant]×1 (The result of 44STR above Monster’s VIT, or 16STR compared to the setup above)

I will go in-depth about the eqution if you read the next section, but for now, we can clearly see that the person with 44STR casting the same spell, will do 50% more damage (keeping all else constant) compared to the person who only have 28STR. SV is the directly related to STR.

  • 4 STR = 1 increase in SV. (will be explained in the next section)

Stats Modifier (WS Correlation / WSC, Highlighted in Red)

This is also part of the modifier! But theres a trick! Correlation is calculated like this, we will take Hysterical Barrage for example

Hysterical Barrage

WSC = floor (0.83 x floor (Total Dex x 30%)

Notice the 0.83? Its the extra constant that gets multiplied into the equation when calculating the WSC Constant (similar to SV) The higher your level, the higher the peanialization! But do remember one thing though, STR is the base of all calculations. SV will always be in the calculations therefore, if you have +30STR gear and +30DEX gear, you are better off equipping STR because 30DEX x 85% is really, DEX (or 25STR), which pulls the overall equation down. Below are the constant for WSC.

This was also explained on the Blue-Magic website. Look under “Note on Bludgeon”.
※Secondary Attribute Modifier is level corrected(Temporary)
Lv 1~ 5 … 1.00
Lv 6~11 … 0.99
Lv12~17 … 0.98
Lv18~23 … 0.97
Lv24~29 … 0.96
Lv30~35 … 0.95
Lv36~41 … 0.94
Lv42~47 … 0.93
Lv48~53 … 0.92
Lv54~59 … 0.91
Lv60~61 … 0.90
Lv62~63 … 0.89
Lv64~65 … 0.88
Lv66~67 … 0.87
Lv68~69 … 0.86
Lv70~71 … 0.85
Lv72~73 … 0.84
Lv74~75 … 0.83

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