Advanced Blue-Mage Knowledge!

Advanced Blue-Mage Knowledge

Its time to put the pieces together! Again, we will start off by quoting the blue-magic website. First, lets go through how SV increases with STR.

The increase of SV versus STR

※SV … Modified by Your STR – Opponent VIT. Please refer to fSTR(2).
IfΔ=your STR – Opponent VIT is 28, SV is 8(the value of fSTR).
For the rest of the value, whenever Δ+4 -> SV+1.
Example: if Δ=84 -> SV is capped at 22(unconfirmed)

I’ve plotted a graph to show the explanation above.

SV Graph

As you see, the first 8 SV increases are pretty high. Its because the first 28 STR gives 8 SV (If 4 STR = 1 SV, usually you need 32 STR, but first 28 will do! Woot, Bonus!). When I say 28 STR, I mean you are 28STR higher than the monster’s VIT, not +28 to your own STR. With every 4 str increases after the nice bonus, you get 1 SV. Its relatively lower than the 1st 8 SV (or +28STR), but its still good. SV caps at 22, meaning a person with + 84 STR more than the monster would do equally as much as a person with +200 STR (there is a cap!)

Merging everything I’ve discussed

The damage calculation is the same with PC WS damage calculation

D Value = [ D + SV +WS Correction] × Multiplier

Damage or Miss = [(Blue Magic Level + Good STR Gear? + Good Secondary Attribute Gear * Penalization%) × (Spell Multiplier + 0.25 based on your spell’s correlation towards the monster)] x Accuracy

D: Is directly related to your Blue-Magic Skill, which goes up with your level (damage of spell goes up with level. You don’t get “Head Butt II”, but your damage scales with your level through blue magic skills. (You can’t do anything about it until merits or blue-magic gear)

WS: As previously explained, is your WS Correlation factor. Remember there’s a penalization! The Secondary modifier is different for each spell. Hysteric Barrage is DEX based where Hydro Shot is AGI based.

SV: Is directly calculated based on your STR, and will be in the damage calculation for all your spell.

Multiplier: Again, is spell dependent, but there’s a penalization (-0.25 to multiplier) if you use the wrong spell and a bonus ( +0.25 to multiplier). You can check the relationship between your spell and the monster’s family here. I wouldn’t make a big fuss about it if the spell is good in the first place. (3.00 multiplier for Death Scissors -0.25 is still good).

Now you got the value D, will it land?

War/nin go through this all day. So much for the extra STR, but how many hit of your Rampage actually lands & do critical hits. Its very important you have decent accuracy gear while also equipping STR gear when you cast spell / WS. But how much accuracy DO you need? There’s a trick in identifying if your accuracy is enough.

/check your monster. If it says…

  • It seems to have high evasion and defense: means your accuracy is 20 less than the monster’s evasion.
  • It seems to have high defense: means your accuracy is + 20 of his evasion.
  • It seems to have low evasion but high defense: means your accuracy is 20 more than the monster’s evasion.

I’d say if you are within 20, you are ok but there’s never enough accuracy. Accuracy directly affects how much TP you get and how your blue-magic performs. It won’t be nice if the monster is casting Firaga II and your Head Butt “fails to take effect”.

This is where /thf shines!

Yes, why? Lets look at some of the stuff that /thf enables you to do.

  • Sneak Attack enable a Physical-Based Blue Magic to do critical strike when striking behind an enemy.
  • Sneak Attack guarantees your next attack to 100% land when striking behind an enemy.

Thief sub directly modifies how Blue-Magic behaves when you cast them. With any other sub, it is impossible for a Death Scissors to do critical strike.

Death Scissors Stats

Also, seeing how STR are 60%, wouldn’t you want to load up as much STR as possible? This is when SA comes into play, with the guarantee hit of your next attack (when you SA), you can stack up on STR and still land the hit, maximizing the SV of the equation.

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