The Discussion: /thf or /nin

The Debate: Actually its not going to be a debate, its going to be “Maiev shitting on /nin sub”

I’m not an allakhazam poster. Not saying they don’t post quality stuff, but they post “inconsistant” stuff. A person jumps in say “Oh /nin is better because I can blink”, have not really, sit down ane evaluate the advantages of /thf and /nin in detail.

I’m sure you’ve already have a good grasp on your preferred sub. In case your answer is still not /thf in exp parties. I’m going to pull in my own experience into this debate.

Consider this parser. Lets look at a few things, Maiev’s Blu/thf and Shyuo’s blu/nin. Below is a screenshot of the parser on the above link, but with fields highlighted for easier discussion. (lol thx to Scragg again)

Advantages of nin sub

  • allakhazam’s favorite, “I can blink, save myself”
  • hits many more times (highlighted in green, as you see, over 54 battles, he hit 914 times (420 misses), whereas I hit 820 times, 178 misses, which is how the melee hit % accuracy is calculated)
  • that’s it, I don’t think you would consider cheap prism powder as an advantage. Oh yea >.> the “stats gain” from wielding an extra sword, almost forgot!

Advantage of thf sub

  • I can do 600 more damage per fight for subbing thf (beside the purple highlight, the field represents [fights particpiated/average damage per fight])
  • I take 11131 more damage, divided by 52 fights, I am taking 214 damage per fight. I’m asking the white mage to heal me a Cure II (24mp) per fight, for a wooping 600 more damage/fight, or in percentage, 60% more damage from his gimped sub. Lets put it this way, can you use 24mp to deal 600 more damage?
  • LOOK at his highest spell damage (in orange), his “whatever spell, barrage, disseverment, frentic rip, death scissors, whatever, highest 501…. lowest spell 26 damage (obviously he doesn’t head butt). Lets say, all his spell DOES do 500 damage (I’m being VERY VERY optimistic here) for 60mp, This works out to be 10mp/100 damage? But all I’m asking is a Cure II (24mp) for 600 damage. The math works out doesn’t it?

I could have done higher. You have to know I stop dealing more damage because the black mage keeps comparing me to him. I’ve even started doing light skillchain to keep him shut up!


I’m definately not doing my maxiumum damage in this party. I could have pulled it even further apart. I mean sure, Even if he had very good accuracy gear. Enough shitting based on parser, lets look at some other areas! Lets look at, the TP you give to the monster!

Shyou, highest damage spell did 501. We can assume, within 52 battles, some spells actually landed all the hits. Lets assume its disseverment, landed all 5 hits for a total of 501 damage (5 hit ws).

Maiev, highest damage was a 1317 death scissors. We can assume that it was a sea puk. Lets put a handicap on Maiev, assume, death scissors average 1000 damage. Now lets compare these two situations.

Shyou, Blu/nin (Assuming he had ownage gear)

  • to make up the damage of a taru blu/thf, he must cast 2 of the spell, and “hope” all hit lands to deal 1000 damage or something similar
  • Total MP Used: 120+
  • TP gave to the mob, 10 hits! Someone proved on, 5 hit WS gave 48TP to the monster. That means, spamming two spells was enough for a monster to use a JA. Imagine you were xping on Spinners, thanks to the Blu/nin! Oh wait, /nin do have subtle blow. According to Wiki, /nin have 10% subtle blow, so that’s 96% tp -10%, cool 87tp to the mob, its still feels like swinging a kraken club on him.

Maiev, Blu/thf

  • 1 hit spell, 1000 damage or higher, its 100% guaranteed, no praying required
  • Total MP Used: Half of Shyou
  • TP: I hit the mob once, with death scissors, so.. 8tp?
  • I only casted 1 spell, I can use the extra spell time (where Shyou casts his 2nd spell just to make up the damage), to cure, head butt, chat ‘-‘! I can even swing my sword more!

To end this, lets go look at the screenshot of the LOLdamage of /nin. Seriously, who invented the idea of /nin in xp parties. Don’t be lazy, play skilfully. You should be thinking how you can do better while you are xping, areas which you could have performed an extra SATA, timing problems. (I mean its always good to pre-SATA), mob come home, SATA, wait 10 sec SATA again!

Its time to stop worrying about keep yourself alive, and more into working as a team. People who /nin for the reason “protecting myself”, needs to gtfo and stop being so selfish. I was able to get a Dragoon to be my trick partner, I would trick death scissors, then he uses high super jump to get half of the hate off, rendering the monster to turn right back onto the tank.

Some people argue (Well you’re a freaing Goldsmither 100, no shit you have the good gear). Then if you are poor, you shouldn’t even play /nin. /thf guarantees a hit, why the heck not? Who cares if you get hate, MP’s free. Who cares about buying shihei. Why even bother getting another sword when you can buy simple gear like 2 ruby rings and equip them during WS. 2 ruby rings already put the shit out of /nin with that “extra sword”. /nin’s damage is so shit, how do you even get hate in the first place.

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