What’s a Blue Mage?

What’s a Blue Mage?

Blue mage is a job where they use “magical points (MP)” to reproduce an attack of the enemy. We can say (350mp is required to reproduce 1000 needles / to cast 1000 needles). There are two types of blue magic: “Physical” Blue Magic and “Magical” Blue Magic. All these blue-magic will not give you any TP-return.

Physical blue-magic are just like any other physical weapon, you need accuracy to land them. Since blue-mage uses MP to “reproduce” that attack, rather that attack lands or not depends upon your accuracy. Its very simple to prove this, equip a staff and start casting spell. Since you do not have staff skill (as blue mage), you will even miss the spell with the help of Chain Affinity. This proves accuracy helps. Attack is still on debate, but imo, it does not do ANYTHING to damage output, please refer to advanced blue mage knowledge in the explanation.

Magical blue-magic are just like a black mage. Skill / magic accuracy matters. Using the right staff also matters, but this requires you to un-equip your sword so usually its not necessary or preferred to do so. A simple test would be trying to cast 1000 needles. Without light-staff, it becomes impossible to land on exp mobs. Also, I realize I have greater success in draining MP when I was exping on Colibri with another Hume blue-mage. Its because TaruTaru (myself) got higher INT plus I got 5 INT merit, which puts me in a very advantage position.

So how do you get Blue-Magic?

No you don’t buy them off the shop. You learn them. To learn blue-magic, you

  • Be in the party and claimed the monster
  • See the use of the weapon skill (you don’t necessary have to do damage, BG Forum)

Be wary warned:

  • You don’t learn Posion Breath from Crawlers, but Hati in Eldieme
  • You don’t learn Headbutt off Mandragora, but Orcs Quadav (thx to Scragg XD)

Use this to guide you in where to acquire blue-magic!

Don’t worry if you miss a spell, you can learn them but to learn the spell, the monster must use the WS, but if you kill it before you can give him 100 WS, then L. So take your time when you start off blue-mage, don’t PL it to level 10, you will have a hard time learning pollen from Lv1 bumblebees!

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