Mai & Otak Chrismas Card 2012

Tazo Taru FFXi and Teemo LoL by lurazeda

Tazo FFXI and Teemo in LoL by lurazeda!

Christmas Again

So!!!! Hello everyone! Thanks for taking the time to drop by :) I love Christmas Cards :) as much as I’m a techie and like “digital” stuff, I still like… paper for Christmas :) Again, if you don’t feel like reading my wall of text/update, feel free to TELEPORT right below!

So… a year went by so quickly that it’s time to make Christmas Cards again :) Many stuff has changed etc… but in regards to Mai and Otak, yes we are doing great, better than ever :)! Which I’ll tell you below!!!!

We didn’t do an April Fools.. since we didn’t had any good idea! Didn’t make any progress with FFXI of course… but I will keep this “ancient” blog up :) I love this little blog :) too much sweat and blood on this thing lol!

But oh man.. one year for two post… I’m seriously failing in blogging :< lol!

Dagger Cutting Hair, FF9

FF9’s Touchy Moment!


So this year’s gaming… I tried Diablo III, that was a huge disappointment! Good thing I did not buy the collector’s edition :) I haven’t really play other things except for PC games. I did play a few other games like.. Portal 2, Team Fortress 2, Elder Scroll V Skyrim, I FINISH Twilight Princess 1 week after Skyward Sword is out (oh yea, I do need to finish that LOL.. not even 1st dungeon). I play FF9 this year on my BlackBerry Playbook emulator :), almost finishing FF7! Other than that, all my time spent on playing League of Legends!!!! I’m a pure support player :) like RDM… you know lol! I always think I’ve got all the support thing thought out… all the little detail.. like opportunity cost etc :)

Come join Mai in LoL. When you signup an account with this link, I’ll know :)

In regards to FF7 and FF9. After playing them back to back, I do think FF9 have a better story :) It’s so sweet especially the ending. But since FF7 is the first “3d” rpg, I think it got a better hype :) I also took the time to take “screenshot” throughout the FF7/FF9 journey :) Feel free to view them in my Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy IX gallery!

Common, how do you not say FF9 is better! Well, here’s the spoiler! The FF9 ending. Start form around 16:45 in that video :) Best part is… 28:45! So touchy :3

FFXIV? Well we’re really waiting to see how 2.0 rolls out. We’re both quite disappointed in many ways that.. it doesn’t seem right to continue/invest time into that game. Monthly fee is not a lot, but it does adds up :) and we want to make sure we’re really getting happiness from playing it. 50 bucks buys a LOT of cool skin in LoL, and I compare that “happiness” with the ones I get from FFXIV. If I don’t get something equivalent, then its hard to devote time into a game that doesn’t bring you any “utility”!

Maiev's Christmas Cards LoL

Writing Christmas Cards and Spectate!

Christmas Card 2012

My 5th year doing Christmas Cards :) Perks for being Mai gaming buddy :) Well, not really perks since I’m not giving you all free starbucks card!!! But you know… just something special :) to remind you gaming is awesome :) Gaming friends is just 100% a lot cooler!!!!

If you missed my previous ones or never gotten previous ones, here’s what they look like :)

I’d post looks of the card, but maybe once most people got it :) to keep the surprises for everyone :D!

Maiev Taru's 2012 Christmas Cards FFXI

Artwork by Petisu/Aaagh!

You know :) since I’ve done it for SO MANY YEARS!!!! One would have to invent better ways to write 60 cards :) :) without consuming my life :) So I’m sure once you received my cards, you’d understand why I did what I did LOL :) :)!!!!!! Though.. fuk me :( the damn cards was like $180 total lol…

This year’s card.. have 3 versions. Since there is a minimum of 10 cards to print, I can’t really personalize each one like I did before :( However, this year’s design was done by your fellow artist friend :) including!

I’m sure you’d break out laughing once you see how I accelerate my Christmas Card process, do feel free to post pictures of it :) I always love seeing those!

I know some of you peeps still play FFXI! By all means make a comment below so fellow Fenrir/Mai Friends would be able to read and see who’s all playing what :) :) a simple way to stay connected guys :) :)!!!!!

I’d pick someone who I bought artwork from / got gifted artwork for a 30 dollar prize :) not sure who haha. Random pick from Mai FFXI/XIV artwork gallery maybe :D

Mai Otak RL 2012

Mai&Otak’s Finland 2012 Vacation!


Mai and Otak been doing awesome :) you might get a card with our faces on it… depends! :D There you have it :D! We’re still traveling and having fun :) We went to visit a few places but this time, we went to Sweden, Finland and Estonia and I don’t know any FFXI buddies that lives there so I didn’t really get to see any FFXI people this year :( maybe during Christmas when I goto NYC :) We’ll see :)

Otherwise, life is good, work is good! Everything is going great :) :) Though, remember to stay in touch :)

Can always simply twitter me :) or :) Don’t worry, I try not to be boring and I don’t bite!

Merry Christmas :) Remember to also leave your game that you’re playing and the character name / whatever information needed for me/other FFXi players to add you :)

Btw, all my envelope is just taped :) if you feel cheap and wanna return me a card, simply shove in what you want in there, seal it with water this time instead of tape and cross out your own address, as if it was “wrong/undeliverable address/wrong person/doesn’t exist” and dump it back into the mailbox :) though no guarantee it works! It’d be interesting to try :) :) mail should return to me LOL!!! Plz someone try :D!

Replying also consent that you want another one next year :) my list got too big :< I guess those that can't read and leave messages and leave a comment here didnt care much so no cards!

26 Responses to “Mai & Otak Chrismas Card 2012”

  1. Ash says:

    Aww yeah FFIX is better than VII. I think people didn’t give IX a chance because it’s more cartoon-y as well. Still my favorite though.

    Just got your card and I loved it! I did laugh at the “accelerated” process XD It was a pretty smart way to speed things up. All the drawings were fantastic, just like they always are. Thanks Mai and Otak!

    Dryopae is currently retired from FFXI, not sure if she’ll be back anytime soon. Maybe I’ll play FFXIV when it gets back!

  2. Ata says:

    Awww! I love getting these. They make me smile so much. ^_^

    I do not play FFXI anymore. I’ve been contemplating it though. Serileth.

    I plan to play FFXIV 2.0 and i’m excited for it. I was in the beta for the original and ended up not playing because of all the issues. I will contact you when I jump on 2.0 though :)

    I do play LOL. I play with a good friend named Rinielenika(Rinidinger XD). She introduced it to me a couple years ago right when I dropped off FFXI.
    Atasweets or Serileth.

  3. PoP says:

    OMG Mai. Your card. So funny! I love your little check list. =D That’s such a cute idea. Thanks for always being such a good friend and remembering me even when I’m all but missing from the internet. You’ve been such a good friend over the years and I’m really happy to have met you.

    I don’t play anything right now. Well, nothing online anyway. I will probably try XIV 2.0 when it comes out but I’m still waiting to see if they’ll be getting my monthly contribution.

    I hope you and Otak have a wonderful holiday and new year! Always looking forward to hearing from you guys. =)

  4. wickedz says:

    “Hey! This is wickedz from DA! I just got your card and I LOVE IT! It’s one of the most unique and creative card I’ve ever seen. Thanks for using my artwork. It makes me blush :) Thanks for the Christmas card too!

    Sadly, I don’t play much games anymore. I did play D3 but after a while it got boring so I quit. I use to play WoW but you know when friends leave it gets boring.. I tried playing Mists of Pandaria but ack too boring! I tried Skyrim, got bored. I tried Guild Wars 2, got bored. LoL doesn’t seem appealing. I guess I’m just over games. I use my time to work on art and school work! :) Thank you again and I hope you both have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (my card and such will come late -___- sorry!)

  5. Aene says:

    @maiev thank you for the card!!!! do you want to commission me? i finally have some time this winter break lol

    • Vincent / Fireal says:

      I miss you, haven’t see you since ffxiv beta!
      Rora and I really missed you during real-ffxiv time. Hope to see you in ffxiv 2.0. I play D3 hardcore and SC2 WoL and HotS if you play either :D

  6. Calaera says:

    Hi Mai! I received your card! Thank you! It made me smile when I received it. ^^ I know we butt heads, but I’m really glad we are friends. Haha, and I’m glad you gave FFIX a chance. It is my favorite FF, and the only one I’ve played repeatedly! X3

    As for games, I am planning to tie up storyline stuff in XI and of course going back to XIV when ARR launches (gotta keep SBXIV going!). I have been trying to get back into LoL but I am such a hardcore noob. ;o; I have SW:ToR, WoW, GW, and Tera but… they are kinda meh so I haven’t really re-installed them on my PC. Been mostly doing handheld gaming on 3ds, Vita, and iOS. But most likely I will be trying to study hardcore while XIV is down, so that I can play more seriously for a short time when the game comes back.

  7. Maiev says:

    Thanks guys for :) all the comments! The reason I direct you guys here is hehe, I enjoy reading it from time to time and also, get all those FFXI ppl connected again :D :D!!!!

  8. Rinielenika says:

    I think @Maiev ‘s card came in. Mom said something about “from Finland” and I had no idea what she meant til I saw Mai’s website, lol.

  9. Rinielenika says:

    Hey, Mai. Thanks for being a cool guy. Send my love to Otak too. > @Maiev >>

  10. ClassicRed says:

    Mai <3 :D I got your card of awesome ~! Currently dabbling in Tera Online (Classicred & Nekoda on TR server – IGNs). I may dabble in FFXIV 2.0 when it comes out, the Vryali is pushing it hard and it looks like its improved a lot since Alpha/Beta of 1.0. I've also dabbled in some other games, Borderlands 2, Planetside 2, Terraria, random n00bness :3 Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas :)

  11. Woo! Yay I was lookign forward to your card this year! I opened it up while on Skype with Clave so he could see it too ^_^ We’ll be moving in together sometime next year hopefully~ We are both looking forward to playing FFXIVARR too and are just on TERA in the meantime. Might try out PSO2 as well :> I’ve done a couple Kyarutaru doodles lately too! I’ll have to upload them n_n

    Take care, Mai!


  12. Cloudstah says:


    Dude that was really nice of you. I loved it. I am doing good, hope you had a good Christmas. Again thanks for the card, I have it here hung with last year’s card too.

  13. Jonpaule says:

    Thank you so much for the card, I got it on the 27th so it was earlier than you thought ^^. FFXIVARR is pretty good, I was testing the alpha although I cant say much because of the NDA. I am very much looking forward to the beta and release.
    Take care Mai and have a wonderfull new year
    <3 Jonpaul

    • Vincent / Fireal says:

      Whats up brother. Haven’t talked to you since we both abruptly quit ffxivcrapgame. You play D3 or SC2? I’d like to see you again before ffxivarr comes out :D If not, see you on game.

  14. AAAGH says:

    Hello Mai and Otak!
    I am still waiting for mine! But I’m flattered to see my work used in the card this year too! I’m eager to see these fun things you mentioned, when I get it I’ll let you know!

    Happy new year for you two guys!

  15. Kite says:

    Thanks for the card, you two. Always fun to get in in Eirwen’s name, lol.
    I still have a save game of FFIX laying around somewhere, waiting to be played again.
    As for character names in games, it’s mostly Eirwen or Eirwen Mackenzie, or connected to an account named dhkite ;)
    Happy Holidays~

  16. jeffrly says:

    hohoho I just got your card =]
    i might start playing lol, dunno yet!
    i haven’t been playing much games at all, just school + work :P
    but still active on fb/twitter/etc. =)
    i just bought a vps and omg setting up without cpanel kind of hard but I’ll figure things out eventually

  17. Vincent / Fireal says:

    Hai guyz! Got the Christmas card, it’s awesome and sitting right next to last years! Mai didn’t like me enuff to send 08 and 06 cards /cry. I hope you two have awesome awesome New Years and that Christmas went well. See you on ffxiv 2.0 LOL jk bad game.

  18. Tokie says:

    Hey Mai! Thank you for the christmas card! It looks really good. awwwwww you guys looks really adorable on the picture too! cute cute :3 Sorry for the late response T_T I’m always looking forward to your card this time of the year!
    Merry late Christmas and Happy New Year. Have a great 2013! :D

  19. Lilyana/Shayx says:

    Just got the Christmas card! It is so awesome :) I always look forward to Mai Christmas cards :) I’m still playing XI, played XIV for a bit but without my fwens, it got kind of boring so just XI for me XD Glad to hear everything is going well with you! Hope you and Otak have an amazing 2013~

    -Lilyana (Guess still Shayx to you, but she is just a mule now ;p)

  20. Carriebabe says:

    Aww…thanks for the card Mai! It’s just absolutely adorable, I love it (´ε` )* Sooo Cutee o(・`ω´・)○

  21. AAAGH says:

    I’ve just got mine, finally! The idea is awesome and fun :D thank you so much!

  22. Daluna says:

    woooo ty! I got your card btw, looks beautiful! You two are just so cute :D

  23. Xeqtr says:

    hello mai <3 /wave otak ;o

    hope you both had a fab xmas and new year, really sorry for the belated reply but i finally got the card from my old address, it was really lovely i always look forward to a mai card :D

    i will try tweet more lol, i hope u liked my card, am not lazy but it was printed cause my handwriting sux!

  24. Stefanie says:

    Thank you so much for the card both of you! I loved it dearly! Even the silly little doodles!

    :) Thanks for sending me one each year, I always appreciate it and save it and place it on my desk!


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