Lovely Daggy

Not anyone can become a great artist, but great artist can come from anywhere.

Daggy is one of those artist that lives in the gaming world. She didn’t start off pretty good, but constantly drawing, she’s now pretty good at it I must say!

I didn’t really know this taru artist until I started my 1st commission with her. But what I didn’t know was Farkee and Daggy was good friend, and I was pretty good friend with Farkee so… that’s how us 3 know each other in the end.

Anyway, this is one of the first commission art I had Daggy to do.

Daggy’s Artwork – MaiTalu

MaiTalu by Daggy

Pretty amazing xD! Really sweetie, fits a taru so much ^^; I love this piece of artwork so much that it has became my wallpaper for my phone and my laptop! (Below), anyway, after that piece of work, I got her to do another commission work for my RL friend’s Christmas present, since they all play FFXI. So she drew this.

Pretty amazing ;) We used to get on vent from time to time and do missions, it was fun times. Although that’s kinda gone now since a few had start WoWing it.

Here’s another random MSN sketch, a “out of the blue” sketch >.> she’s just that amazing!

and this…

Then comes Farkee’s bday, we thought he was quite an important person in our lives, so we made him a pretty nice card, but here’s the artwork of it.

And more random sketches of us 3 tarus!

About Daggy:

If you love her art, you can find it on her

Or… World of Warcraft >.> Lol! You’ll have most success there ._.

We met up too during spring break! We all flew to Farkee and took a visit ;)

Really? xD

Left: Maiev
Middle: Daggy
Right: Farkee

How Mai uses Daggy’s Artwork!

Posters ;)

Phone ;)

MaiTalu on W800i

Making phone calls had never been a happy thing until today ^^;

And wallpapers! (How to make one too!)

How can I not use it as a wallpaper >.>! Anyway… each sticky represents a major assignment / midterm. The top row is this week. Red means important, and the black means 2 important stuff stacked together = hell day! So ya, going to be one busy Talu for the month!
MaiTalu's Schedule Oct/Nov

Update: Since 2 people already ask me how I’d do it so a very quick tutorial. Takes 5 seconds if you know what I’m talking about! The file below also consists of the program and the wallpaper, if you are lazy, you can just use mines ‘-‘!

Sticky Pad (the program) + 2006 Excel Calendar + Mai Wallpaper + Mai Wallpaper (PSD):
Download here.

  1. Open the 2006 Calendar in Excel, goto the month you want, and take a “screenshot” using the “Print Screen” Command
  2. Open up Photoshop, File –> New –> Ok –> Ctrl V (Paste the screenshot from your clipboard)
  3. Duplicate the layer first (it might be locked), then use the magic wand, with contigious checked, click on any white area and all white area of the calendar should be selected, delete it. You are now left with the calendar (the skeleton). Just minimize the image for now.
  4. Open up your favorite image (in my case, the forest wallpaper and Daggy’s artwork). Adjust it to your screen size, put in Daggy’s artwork and then drag the “Calendar” skeleton from step 3.
  5. If you want some white background like mines, select the area, use the paint bucket and paint it whatever you want, and use opacity to lower it, so you see some of the nice background but also allows you to read the numbers clearly.
  6. Save it. (I’ve also included my PSD file, if you just feel like swapping the wallpaper etc)
  7. Install StickyPad (I’ve provided a web installer, its free!)
  8. Start creating notes using the “Windows Key” + “N” and move them onto the calendar! ‘-‘

I guess its a simple way to get myself annoyed yet remind myself of important dates. I’m sure most of you use your PC to FF and homework, so it will be somewhat good, since it will be constantly reminding yourself ‘-‘ of homework!~ XD

Farkee just adopted the idea too ‘-‘ If you guys girls are interested, I’ll try to make something like this every month :3 (pick some art from Daggy) and make it into a Calendar XD

19 Responses to “Lovely Daggy”

  1. Ueda says:

    wow, thtat is an awesome image, Daggy sure is talented, almost makes your taru look like a person! :D

  2. Jowah says:

    Omg xD that pic obsessed you (and that’s great!)

    And reading your previous post, I agree saying that most blogging people are more closer to me than other ingame guys.
    Maybe one day we should meet all in one server, just to take a million screenshot and talking!

  3. Reeroo says:

    awww so sweet! And good luck on all your midterms. ^^

  4. jtaru says:

    Hey, glad you stopped by to my blog! I had almost given up on it since no one really read/commented but I think maybe I’ll resume now… I do have some things to patch up!

    I’ve added you as well :)

  5. Maiev says:

    Reply to Jowah:

    Ya, I’ve tried comparing blogs to forum post and I found out its the atmosphere that’s different. Forum people are usually there for content and a discussion based on an event or quest. Blogs is more like a discussion for the player. We all probably started blogging because we like to read about it, hence motivated us to start to write about it ^^.

    As we spent more time reading blogs, I’ve build a personal attachment to these other people’s blogs. Most of them are people I don’t even know or play on my server. Sadly :< I read blogs of you guys than my RL friends. I can't stand "brush my teeth, goto school" kind of blogs everyday -.-. Unlike FF blogs, its something we all share in common so when anyone discuss their in-game adventure, you can somehow relate it to yours, which adds more flavour into the post '-' But imagine the WordPress FFXI community turning into the one like Livejournal, where there's like 200 people in it. You loose the personal bonds between other blog users. It feels like "just another LJ FFXI blogger" those type of thing, weird but ugh.. ya that's how I feel when I read their journals. Reply to jtaru:

    Haha, you drop by the right time! I was discussing the friendlenss of the WordPress FFXI Community. Its small and encouraging so ^^; Hope you get ur blog shaped up and hop in soon XD. Jowah from bites (she’s a drk, that’s why), so just becareful of that Talu.

  6. Reiginsei says:

    Daggy is very talented!

    Good luck through the busy patch! Lots of back tages on that calendar ^^

  7. Trey says:

    Wow that is an awesome drawing! Daggy really does have a lot of talent. You’ll have to tell me how to implement a similar calendar on my desktop sometime Mai ^_^)b God knows I need helping keeping track of everything nowadays.

  8. tazo says:

    6 months ago…

    7:30pm: Tazo goes to Maiev’s room and asks if he’s hungry. He says he hasn’t eaten since he got up. {Maiev was “camping” some monster}
    8:30pm: Tazo comes over with Maiev’s dinner (onion/tomato/porkcutlet on rice; ez-chinese) and tells him to eat before it gets cold.
    10:00pm: Tazo comes by to pick up dishes. ; ; Tazo’s dinner for Maiev still untouched.
    10:30pm: {Monster Dies} Maiev microwaves the originally fresh dinner and eats.

  9. Maiev says:

    Now swap the name Tazo and Maiev around, and that would be Tazo nowadays!

    j/k >< I do miss the days u make me dinner ><; now its all about the McDonalds, Subway, Angelos, Burger King, Pizza, Tim Hortons, KFC ANDDDD Microwave food! XD I stick in a tutorial for you Trey & Ashiya, I know how hard is to keep track of life when you are FFing so.. here ya go =P

  10. Alexanderz says:

    New version update of DotA is coming. It’s a major change. Stay tuned.

  11. Jowah says:

    Mhhh I keep agreeing with you XD
    Most of my RL’ friends blogs looks the same; and not interesting to read u.u
    Regarding emo blogs, i refuse to read them. Mostly are stupid “problems” like “omg he doesn’t love me world sucks”, “i want die” “no one understands me”, and so on..
    And like you said I don’t care if someone brushed her/his teeth and what he/she ate at lunch.
    And i don’t care for some random famous actor/singer/whatev and how much he/she loves him/her.

    Same, i read more FFXI blogs than others. Actually it’s my daily surfing as soon I wake up.
    Getting up, washing face, sitting on pc and checking all of you. Off to work and start commenting XD

    Can’t re check my comment, my english sucks, today more than ever XD

  12. Daggy says:

    Thank you soooo much Mai ;0;! This really means a lot to me, so chute to see it on your cell too^^!! Daggy loves joo +1!

  13. mirith says:

    Amagad! What a wonderful drawing! Mai you lucky thing, I’m totally envious! But I can see you really appreciate it hehehe On the mobile phone and all!

    And wowza.. you really are organized with the calendar. I was always so terrible at college… how I got my projects in on time still amazes me to this day.

    To Jowah: If we were all on the same server… I think all our blogs would have the same content! Hahaha! At least this way we’ve got a little variety XD

  14. Maiev says:

    Reply to Alexanderz:
    Sneak Peek? Common you’ve got to have a copy of DotA 6.38 ‘-‘! I can get a headstart and start practicing so I can go own peons!

    Reply to Jowah:
    I think its because FF is very dynamic, lots of content to write too. I’m sure if you write 100 ways to kill a baby choco ‘-‘ You’ll get a lot of attention. (I’d never kill cute things like that though, just an example”

    MaiTaluLOL “Can’t re check my comment, my english sucks, today more than ever XD <-- Nice to know your English goes on a roller coaster ride everyday O.o Reply to Daggy:
    O.O thanks for taking your valuable time to drop by!! I hope I didn’t make an embrassment out of your artwork x__x

  15. Aeyze says:

    So cute o.o! I love fanart :O I wish I could draw my own ^^;

    On the topic of blogs & stuffs, mine is relatively new I know, I was inspired to start mine ’cause I love reading about everyone elses FFXI accomplishments ^-^b so much more fun the RL stuff, well, for the most part XD

  16. Jowah says:

    …roller coaster ? Is that written wrong ? ; ;
    I actually know nothing of grammar rules.

  17. Oropher says:

    Thanks for the calendar. Now I may actually remember my in-game events >_

  18. Jayashaya says:

    lmaoooooooo @ yournew pic
    its so cute <3
    its like aww maiev really thinks things are smaller than she is

  19. Sorasha says:

    Hey, how did you make a poster? =3


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