Farkee’s Present +1 :)

Farkee's Birthday Card by Daggy and Maiev of Fenrir, FFXI FanArt Drawing

The Front of Farkee’s Birthday Card!

A little bit about Farkee, Daggy and I.

Last year’s birthday presents, I kept it simple and made him a Cursed Crown -1. I mean afterall, we only met through wires ‘.’ One year pass by pretty quickly and I realize, this “Farkee” person was actually someone that’s more than just some “random acquaintance” in FFXI, but a good friend.

We didn’t really get to know each other until we both found out we know Daggy, which was totally accident. I sent Farkee of Daggy’s drawing, then Farkee was like, oh damn I talk to her a lot over MSN about art, and I’m like zomg I always post on KI on how much I appreciate her art so… eventually us 3 just just became really close friends “over the wires” lol!

Farkee's Birthday Card by Daggy and Maiev of Fenrir, FFXI FanArt Drawing

The Back of Farkee’s Birthday Card!

The Birthday Card.

Regardless, Farkee’s birthday came by and Daggy and I both thought he deserve something more! We got together, chatted a lot about it, scrap so many ideas and finally decided to make him a personalized birthday card ;)

We used FFXI as theme, simply because we met through FFXI. Its kind of sad how we all go different ways now, Daggy plays WoW, I half ass WoW and FFXI, and Farkee just don’t FFXI at all because his real life is so thrilling!

Anyway, here’s the card we made for him. Since he already received it, I can share a bit of Daggy and Mai’s creation.

Yeh, we went to the beach together once, took a really nice picture so I shove it in there. So yea, a combination of real art, rendered art and organization.

Farkee really liked it when he got it xD, Daggy said

Farkee's Birthday Card by Daggy and Maiev of Fenrir, FFXI FanArt Drawing

The Inside of Farkee’s Card!

“Farkee spammed capped text non-stop!!”

So that made my day!! No I don’t just FFXI and blog or parry all day lol, I do pull out photoshop once awhile and make stuff ;) Learning flash too! Hopefully to spice up this webpage >.>

Speaking of webpage, thanks for everyone’s support =P At least someone out there likes what Ashiya/I write ;) & of course, of everyone that linked here, esp the FFXIAH developer =P and their support *grin*

Yay 1.1k+ visit per day on this staronion domain!! Oh yea >.> gotta pay hosting soon :x

Upcoming FFXI Update

There’s a few things I want to write, just not today simply because I need to sleep and goto Toronto for the weekend in a few hours! But to round up, we beat the KS99 Wyrm, but of course it wasn’t just my effort, and we couldn’t do this without our friend Vryali tipping us from his experience. Thanks ;), a bit of Jar, a bit of Emo, plenty of Polearm Samurai talk…

Speaking of which, FFXI is implementing a thing that lets people to see equipment online? Coming out on July 4th it seems.

FFXI Armory! lol.

I still have a truckload of blogs I want to read, just no time to read… like (55) entries -_-;

Maiev's Blogroll, Google Reader, WordPress, FFXI Blog

Why so busy? WoWing when I have a second of spare time lol… honestly, its pretty good as a “side game” at least! Especially waiting for event to start, its time to play a game of battleground xD!

To end la… a few links that I came across that was rather interesting.

6 Responses to “Farkee’s Present +1 :)”

  1. Jkun says:

    That card is gorgeous! I’m so jealous! :D

  2. Etain says:

    That card is gorgeous! Farkee’s a lucky guy to have friends like you two!

    o_O How did I not hear about the FFXI Armoury-esque thing? That’s pretty neat! (But will serve me no purpose, since I do most of my websurfing here at work… and all things PlayOnline are blocked by the filter.)

    WoW is definitely fun as a side game. :3 I’ve been having fun with my priest, and actually turned down an instance run last night so I could finish the questing I’ve been doing. I think I’ve done almost every quest I could have so far for the Draenei starting area- as a result I’m 10k/12k for Exalted. @_@ Not much more to go!

    Now I gotta go do that for Darnassus next, so I can get my priest a tiger when she hits 40.

  3. Neurosis says:

    Hehe, I just got my Draenei Shaman to exalted with Darnassus at level 36. If you find yourself coming a little short (I was about 4k away) after doing all the quests up to Desolace (including the terrible few in Stonetalon Mountains), you can easily finish it off by doing Westfall onwards. I only did Exodar quests until level 10 though, so I’m sure you’ll be fine! Incase you don’t have it already – http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/faction.html?wfaction=69 – is a pretty good compilation of quests that give Darnassus faction.

    And to Maeiv, I used to play FFXI on the Fenrir Server, love reading your blog to “check up” and see how things are going in the FFXI world. That is pretty much the most awesome card I’ve ever seen, also!

  4. Maiev says:

    Haha, to you two, try this leveling guide! It really epic… you don’t even need to look up quest. It tells you what to kill, how to kill and sometimes even showing you videos of how to do it.

    It collects all the quest, gets to you run a circle and come back with like 7-8 (Completed) quests. Should try ^^;


    and hehe, nice to see you aroudn Neurosis ;)

  5. Jowah says:

    This is absolutely awesome. And actually looking forward to do something like that……..


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