“Embarrass” by Daggy

Masterpiece from Daggy

FFXI Fan Art, Daggy, Taru Embarrass by Lovelydagger

Maiev, Farkee and Daggy Huggie!

This lovely piece of artwork is drawn by Daggy. She named it “Embarrass”

I guess a little bit embarrassed if you have people like “Farkee” beside two gals during sleeps…

There’s quite a lot going here! First impression is probably a friendly relationship! Well kinda, since both Daggy and I still play both FFXI and WoW. Second, I play a female taru, so some friendly relationship between two “girls” isn’t really a bad thing but…

“What is up with the hands!” lol… now I’m [not the only one] thinking like that.

Daggy’s explaination was…
Oh yeah- people keep wondering if Maiev is “touching” or hugging Daggy while they are asleep- All I gotta say is…IT’S UP TO YOU TO DECIDE XD lmao, let your imagination role :3…because when I did this-I swear it’s only meant to be cute xD…come on! *crazy laugh*

Farkee, well XD he’s a boy-his thoughts are easy to see :3
Mai’s explain was… there’s a few reason imo.

  1. She might have seen Farkee’s bday card before she drawn, in that pic I shop Farkee being the “cool kid”, while us 2 are jus “normal.”
  2. I’m a pretty dirty person, and she just unconsciously drew me like that (LOL)
  3. It was really an accident like she said.

I’d hate to say, but I think its 2nd haha, what do you think?

Regardless, its one beautiful artwork ;) I wish I had the talent to draw xD

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  1. Farkee says:

    lol at both of u ._.


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