Limit chain #300! [Tips]

I don’t know how other people’s exp is doin, but I’ve achieve 150+ ChainsĀ four times (I’m pretty fully merited).

10 Merits for MaievTalu

Amont those four times, only oneĀ time without Tsunade & Chidorii. (Look below who they are!). Its pretty safe to say partying with them will yield high chains.

Hairy Maiev and Tsunade!

But I mean, nothing beats this one.

Chain 300!

Lets just say we can even Chain 19 with 5 man!

Chain 19 with 5ppl!

And yar, 3 other are with them. So I was going to write what we learned about exping with fast chains.

– stopping here for now –

3 Responses to “Limit chain #300! [Tips]”

  1. Oman says:

    Sup mei ;p
    Hum. . . I’m wondering whats the setup like for 300 Chians? Rdm Brd Whm and ? ? ?

  2. Maiev says:

    Stupid Tsunade is suppose to finish writing it, but I guess I’ll finish it up when I have the time


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