Hairy Taru Legs FTW!

I’m still away from FF, posting from any starbucks I can see ‘-‘. I’ve made a few updates on the road and just linking them for now! Chain 300 {How to do it} Guide, still updating though. The sexy pics made with 3ds Max!

Inspired by this picture!

Hairy Ciermel! FFXI Taru Fenrir

So I made my own with some cool ppl in FF!

Hairy Maiev and Tsunade

This is another one that I made earlier, but with hair on my arms too!

Guess I’m done for now! If you ask me why we have hairs? Its because we are both guys behind those girl character, so thought I make them more obvious ‘-‘!

3 Responses to “Hairy Taru Legs FTW!”

  1. Strawberrie says:

    I….. how can I sleep now… with this image burned into my retina…

  2. Darya says:

    What in the hell… I think I need to shave my legs…………………..

  3. Maiev says:

    :( I dunno where to start to learn about dat editing, so I began from adding hairy legs :( Shuold hav made some warning signs!


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