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With the permission from the FFXIAH developer =P I was allow to do a full review of what to expect when FFXIAH when it is officially released to the public. FFXIAH have been in beta testing for over 6 months now, over the course of these few months, FFXIAH’s user base has grown substantially. With this exponential growth, numerous problem surfaced to the developer, such as slow querying time, growing number of transaction and therefore, a lot of time was spent in the backend optimizing the database for the overall better user experience.

The Developers

Scragg was always some geek who codes random stuff at work. He really doesn’t do anything at work but code FFXIAH =P. Scragg is responsible for all the User Interface (UI), coding from user feedback, adding new function into FFXIAH and debugging. Cliff (who codes the well known Windower) on the other hand, basically work on the server/backend stuff. He rarely surface to the developer forum. When geeks gets together, you get ffxiah.com ^^


Not to make money! They are geeks that loves to code something useful to benefit the FFXI community. When I mean geeks, they find coding much more fun than HNM, farming gil or exping! Windower is a good example. The only reason they ask for donation is to keep the server running. Feeding data from all 30 servers is a lot of bandwidth itself! Not to mention computing prices, BCNM drops or simply querying user request is a lot of bandwidth and computing resources. The donation that you make is simply to keep FFXIAH.com alive!

Anyhow, lets cut to the chase!

Members Features

So what features are available after you became a registered user?

  • The ability to change passwords =P
  • The ability to verify your FFXIAH account with an in-game character, allowing you to:
    • Adjust how many transaction that can be publically seen by others.
    • Personalize your page with your own comments, avatar, listing your crafting skills & current linkshells.
    • Bazaar / Wanted item. (Your name will be displayed when people search for item you are bazaaring, offering an alternative method of purchasing other then the Auction House).
  • Create your bookmarks for:
  • Create a Friends List which can be displayed publically (Can be your mules too!)
  • Add comment to an item.

There are more features to come, but that’s all that I can tell you. Lets get rolling..

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  1. Celese says:

    This feature is great. I love the ability to easily search for items. Everyday in my 4th block class, I check the site, to see if my stuff sold, and so on, and such forth. It has made playing FFXI ALOT easier.


  1. FFXIAH » Blog Archive » Open Registration says:

    […] I opened registration so hurry up and register. I have everything enabled right now except the avatars and comment. I can guarantee bazaar,wanted,and player transaction counts will always remain enabled to everyone. To verify a member owns a particular character, I ask that they buy a specific item for a specific price within a given time frame. The user is responsible for maintaining their characters’ bazaar and wanted lists. The site gets alot of traffic so it might actually be worth doing. One of my beta testers and friend put together a review of most of the features. He did a really good job and it includes screen captures! So if you are wondering what to expect please visit Maiev’s Article. […]

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