FFXI AH members function goes live!

StarOnion's Version 3 theme, FFXI Blogs of Fenrir

the StarOnion Website v3!

Yep!! Time to register here!! There’s a lot of exciting features waiting for you!

I’ve written a review on the website. It might include features that you might not even know of! You can read about it here.

Special thanks to Scragg and Cliff (Windower coder) for making this possible for everyone :) We no longer have to deal with lag-gate. Also, he’s been working a lot in the backend in optimizing the database and debugging so the server can handle all the new users when the FFXI community starts using the members feature :)

On the side note :) New theme is around the corner! Stick around :D

4 Responses to “FFXI AH members function goes live!”

  1. Jowah says:

    Whoa new theme!
    What was the thing your were going to ask me regarding wordpress ?

  2. raidenn says:

    Thats weird, I registered and I need to purchase a stack of earth crystals? Whats up with that?

  3. Another awesome idea of you Fenrir guys! XD Way to go >:D

    (Btw: I was asked to buy a Fire crystal too lol ^^;)

  4. Verrick says:

    Verrick: Lightning crystal (1475 g)
    Jorn: Ice crystal (1215 g)

    Someone is going to be very happy they tossed up their single crystal ^^


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