A Salvage Poem~ by Arcrist (its pretty damn good)

the StarOnion Brigade

Arcrist – Fenrir Server.

Alexander shakes with laughter, after all we’re naked,
Under intense psionic pressure.
We enter like lame Akpallu, standing in awe.
With only 100 minutes there’s no time to stall!
A race between Galka and Taru is the first of our tests,
There’s 10 fucking cells waiting in that chest!!
Leader calls drops, and we cast and pass away.
Ohoh! What dangers await us this day?
When the cells are sorted the favorites are clear,
Only far easterners are wearing any gear!
Our enemies are engaged by half-naked men,
It’s a hillarious scene within this ancient den.
Everyone here is doing their best, though our blood is spilling,
Our WHMs will clean the mess.
We push farther and deeper into these dark and ancient halls,
The further we trek, the louder his call.
As each monster falls, more equipment is donned,
And with each fatal blow, more restrictions are gone.
We make our way through gilded doors,
Sneaking past monsters to reach higher floors.
The higher the floor the greater the threat,
Don’t expect any drops without any deaths!
Our number one targets have specific conditions,
Adding strategy and chaos to our ultimate mission.
When the conditions are met, and the monster appears,
It’s time to rejoice, and spread the /cheer.
We rest our MP and ready our buffs,
The fight isn’t hard, it’s the drops that are rough.
But when the time comes, and a 35 drops,
Everyone /smiles and time seems to stop.
Lots will take place, and there’ll be lots of chatter,
Soon leader says “let’s get back to the matter.”
“We’re nearing the end, reaching the top…
Not a second to waste, no time to stop.”
With magic and might we pummel through gears,
These friends of Alexander mean the end is near.
Facing off against our finest monks,
These spinning gears are smashed to junk.
On the final floor our time has come.
No turning back, nowhere to run.
We’ve grown into heroes as a team,
While standing together, with shine a 1337 gleam.
Yet even with our power, glory and skills,
This final foe shan’t be an easy kill.
It’s man against machine…
Lasers spamming, sparks flying,
Elvaan singing, Tarus dying.
The Chariot attacks without mercy or fear,
Fights us valiantly, although its end is near.
And as this ancient being draws its last breath,
Priorities are set, we wait for its death.
Slowly it crumbles to pieces, dropping to the floor,
This ancient being in Alexander assembled no more.
The ruins echo with laughter, at the defeat of the beast.
With great pride the lotters take their feast.
We stand with honor, for we are victorious!
Our hearts are pounding this night has been glorious!
We leave the ruins, standing above the rest,
Laughing amongst each other, because we know we are the best.

Alexander, this is Lagsave. And we plan on visiting again.

I like a few lines haha, especially the lines where its like Lasers spamming.. Tarus dying! What about you? :)

4 Responses to “A Salvage Poem~ by Arcrist (its pretty damn good)”

  1. Jowah says:

    Ahahahah this is hilarious! Best are the “tarus dying” like you said, but i like also:

    “The higher the floor the greater the threat,
    Don’t expect any drops without any deaths!”

    Goddamn Deathvage D:

  2. raidenn says:

    Why do I feel like I should be reading this with an Xmas tune?

  3. Speck says:

    Hey Maiev! Been a while since I commented. And you removed my link in the kweh blogs! :P Understandable…I got sent overseas so obviously it appears that I fell off the face of the earth lol. Unfortunately I had to quit the game too :( I knew I would be gone for a long time… And I certainly can’t play over here. Should be going home sometime soon though. You never really know when, they just come up and tell you one day. Then it’s like “Thank God! I was about to go crazy and start pricking my eyelashes out to make fishing lures.”

    Anyways, I still enjoy reading everyone’s blogs, especially yours, even though I can’t play anymore :( I actually got the time to read all of your posts too! Took a while lol. Anyways, take care and keep em coming!

  4. Maiev says:

    sup :) thx for dropping by

    at certain point we move on with life xD its totally understandable ^^; and yea dun be afraid to start blogging again ;) i didn’t delete, i just hide it xD

    & thx for being mai’s fan xD! hopefully I’ll continue to provide interesting read and infos ;)


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