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5 Responses to “Stats behind Mog Bonanza”

  1. Jackalman says:

    1 quick correction — 3rd prize would be 90 winners, not 99 (out of the 100 combinations of #s that could win 3rd prize, 1 will be 1st prize and 9 will be 2nd prize, leaving 90 for 3rd prize). Still, you’re right about the inflation part. 1st prize is a wash, 2nd prize adds 90M, 3rd prize adds 90M, and 4th prize also adds 90M, so every 100M spent yields a total of 370M, which is a 270M gain to the economy. Of course, those statistics are very basic, since not every number will be picked equally, but it still gives us a basis to go on.

  2. Maiev says:

    Thanks for pointing the error out :)
    Well also, that’s also assuming they all pick gil.. so lets hope they don’t pick gil :D

  3. Feba says:

    For a start, the period between the announcement of the winning number and the giving out of the prizes is only a few days. Prizes aren’t “sorted” as they are selected by the winners personally when (between July 2 and July 31) they want. I’d imagine prizes are handed out in a similar way to collecting an item reward from an NPC (like buying items with IS or CP). Trading the marble and then choosing the prize from a list, in which case there would be no need to “create data” on specific accounts; it’s quite logical… furthermore square enix have specifically said: (and this was written in the article you pasted some of your information from)

    * The winning number will be randomly determined in a strictly supervised process.

    * Employees of Square Enix, Square Enix Inc. and Square Enix Ltd. and their relatives are forbidden from participating in the Mog Bonanza.

    Note especially the first point. The idea that Square Enix would ‘fix’ this lottery is ridiculous, they have absolutely no need to and no gain from doing so in the first place.

  4. Sahki says:

    I don’t believe that SE is “PICKING” a specific number. If they did, like you said, wouldn’t be very ethical. So they are probably using a simple number generator that will randomly pick the winning number. Hopefully, they’ll chose the same number across all servers. That way if the number that they choose for each individual server is leaked on the internet, which it will be (lolKilling Ifrit), then said person who has the winning number for lets say, Cerberus, but he/she is on Ragnarok won’t switch servers to claim the prize and then move back to his server when it’s all said and done. Thanks for posting this by the way. Interesting read.

    ~Sahki, Cerberus


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